Level 2 Frost Diver

Affliction: *shiver*
Remedy: Hot choco or soup
Requiem: The Goddess - Guilty Gear

It's October right? And within a few weeks, it's gonna be November. Ohnoes! No wonder it's freezing in the morning. Recently, I've been fighting the cold with a blanket, pillows, my jacket (after bed, duh!) and stuff like that. Unfortunately, when afternoon comes, it becomes blazing hot. >_< Meh!

I experimented some things on PJ. I tried new combos, practiced on some characters, impersonated Arvin Sta. Rosa, and tried on the LP+HP color scheme for some characters. I ended up liking Ran's, Edge's, Kyosuke's, and Roy's new look. I don't like Batsu on orange though (it's fine but the secondary color didn't quite fit in).

I went visiting to Liu's place after school yesterday. Went through the MRT station where I met my old Politics and Governance professor. After the MRT, it was traffic on the way. Granted, it was Cubao so, well duh! It's a shopping district and so naturally it would be very crowded and heavy traffic should follow. *gets whacked by redundancy*

Anywho, I got an FX ride to SSS Village. To quote Liu, "My place is at the very end of the jeep/FX's destination," or somewhere along that line. True enough, when I got down (somewhere near and not exactly at the end), all I did was follow the road, used my instincts and voila! It's all the familiar road just as I left it last summer. I only had few complaints. One, my arse was burning from sitting in just one place in one position of the FX. Two, I wanted to sleep but I can't because I was still unsure if I would end up in Liu's place... I called, no answer.

Original plan was just to give Liu the RO patch he requested. We ended up entertaining ourselves while waiting for his computer to load, his crappy internet to actually connect, and the patch client to patch up the other things he missed. Then we logged on to his account and Bruce was on. This prompted me to leave and catch up on them.

I timed my travel time and it was about an hour long of time. It was 45 minutes or so walking from his place to the tricycle terminal in Masinag. I contemplated if the distance by walking from Shang-ri La Plaza to Greenhills was longer. My legs hurt a bit from walking (I had a bag which weighs some) but at least it kept my eyes on the road.

Unlike walking, traveling alone via vehicles makes me sleepy. Last time, I nearly missed my stop to Recto. Yes it's the last stop. It also means, I almost slept through Recto then going back! o_O I also wanted to sleep back in the FX but, like I said I really don't know if I would end up in Liu's place, plus my butt's burning like hell. *gets maimed for repetition* Also this afternoon, I wanted to sleep in my neighbor's car while they were fetching me to the dentist.

The dentist is no place to sleep though...

I was also tempted to go to the mall after the dentist. Maybe next time though. Powered Akira can wait. Whee~ Akira-chan!!

"Hmph! Hanashi ni narenai"
-Kyosuke Kagami


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