No wonder Kurow likes to twirl...

Requiem: Rewrite - Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Whee~ It's tough remembering things when you suddenly get invaded by mood swings so I got a new notebook to help remember things by when I need to relay it on my journal. It's a little bigger than my old, screwed up and dirty, blue memos but it still fits on the pocket. Plus it has 100 sheets and has a better spiral spine. =3

And for the heck of it, I also sketched my own Transmutation Circle ala FMA on the first page~ Lol. 'twas meant to be for Schelzwich since he's an alchemist himself. I call the circle the Breath of Life, with Schelzwich being able to summon plants and all... /random

Meanwhile, it's old school with KoF 2k2. I never get past the third team lineup (or was it fourth?). Well, the C button is still screwed up so I guess that's one reason. Also, I don't think I can grapple as much opponents as I could last year on the NeoWave machine. And gawd! I can't believe I've actually forgot Vice's move names after all these times. I slowly recalled most by the end of the day but I'm still missing one or two moves. Not that it's improtant but it's a good way for me to wastepass time.

Also, Sta. Lucia got their Project Justice up and running. And since the other machine has its screen too dark to the point that it seems it was turned off for people to play leaves me to horde it by myself~ ^_^ I played three tokens only though since I was with my family who were busy buying clothing and materials for my niece. I have only a few complaints. One of them is that the joystick didn't pass my standards. It was stuck in a few corners here and there but still manageable...unlike some joysticks in which the down button doesn't work... Some other complaints include:

Ack! Kurow's such a pain to use. He sure has some fast and damaging moves but he gave me a surprise when I found out that his LP,LP doesn't combo into his qcf+P's. >_o What?? He moves so smoothly that he looks like he can combo into but the opponents still managed to block my attacks! -_____- I barf at you. Not only that, his moveset is very...weird. I don't know which attack will combo another (kinda like the example above).

I haven't finished a single game set with him though. Powered Akira whooped my arse easily on both rounds. She's so powerful, I wish I could play her better next time. I also haven't gotten past Kyosuke but he was just lucky that time (I was using Yurika and I was lacking some timing then). Using Vatsu's also annoying. Why the heck did they make his f+HP a knockback?? *is used with the normal/Burning Batsu*

Well, that's it for today. I still have an assignment to get to. Ja.

"With great power comes with great superiority complex."
- Me during our Introduction to Sociology class


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