O-genki desu ka?

Affliction: "Atelier: Overkill"
Remedy: Shiroji Suzuhara
Requiem: Cry Baby - Chieko Kawabe

I woke up feeling as if I was going to be bombarded with lectures from my mom and classmates for stuff I did. Expected but unexpectedly the irony of it. I also feel, while a bit tired, very energetic (at some points of time) and excited! o_O Hahahahaha!

I met Jam again at the LRT station. Like people always say, time flies by when you have company and before we knew it, we were already at Vito Cruz. It's annoying sometimes. Wish times like those could go on and on without a worry. Prolly a factor of what made me a bit excited.

You also know me when it comes to the arcades! I'd often excite myself with PJ and (more recently) Guilty Gear! Lol! I still can't get past Testament...cruddy traps...but AT LEAST I could get to Testament. Also, OMG! I thought Ran's harisen couldn't deflect projectiles! *ev0l grin* And a 15 hit OTG from Roy!!! xDDD

For some strange reason, I also commemmorate this day to Mr. Antonil because I said so. So many things I remembered from him this morning. Fun while it lasted.

Also, the RP I'm currently in is making me eat my heart out! *gets whacked for using the wrong idiomatic expression* OMG!! I'm so excited about the outcome, I can't wait what will happen next! And OMG! I can't believe I actually wrote quite a dramatic line or two in my last post! xDDDDD


  • At 4:06 PM , Blogger Shaoran said...

    EI! Kuros Shaoran hir! Well your quite busy for this day? huh? hehehe.. well that's ok! We all experience that! Goodluck! wee..

  • At 8:54 PM , Anonymous urumi said...

    Hahaha!! Will ya look at that... Vito Cruz station... My neighbor. LOL!

    Good luck on your RPs Mr. Sabotager. XD


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