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Affliction: Bored out of my wits
Requiem: Sore ga, Ai Deshou - Shimokawa Mikuni


Geh. Boring start for a day... Finished the math questionnaire ahead of time, nothing very new about Economics either. I had to jumpstart my day with a game or so in the arcade which was unfortunately, 3 hours and 30 minutes late since I arrived at school. -_- I even forgot to get myself a copy of Libre!!

I also hate Wattson, the electric-type pokemon gym leader of Mauville City in Pokemon Emerald. pwned me 3 times because I didn't have anything against him. Then, when I went back to Granite Cave to train my Oddish, when I used Sweet Scent (creepy grass-type move, I swear) only then a Geodude appeared... WHAT?!!?! I've been there for like ages and I even went back 3 times and I found you only now? Aren't you supposed to be a common pokemon?

Sees fine print:
must be pwned 3 times before usage


I also finally got a Plusle after some time of hunting...or rather, after using Oddish's Sweet Scent again. I'm beginning to like Sweet Scent although I still...find

"OMFG! Someone killed Kenny!"


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