Affliction: Fanboying~
Remedy: Alphonse Elric~
Requiem: Cloud Age Symphony - Shuntaro Okino

'twas a very nice dream this morning. It went a bit dramatic and artistic and still went on even when I woke up. I also lurv the pic I got yesterday! Just the thought of it keeps me awake and makes me grin~ ALPHONSE!! ^_____________________^

My classmate developed it! It was a picture I took during our last geekout which I submitted for Filipino class. Too lazy to upload it though but I was thinking of framing it. Bwahaha!!

I found cheaping out Mukai easier than I can cheap out Maki...*shrug* Just this while, I nearly got beaten by her by a poke damage. Thank goodness for Yami Barai. *hears my heart beating fast* Meanwhile, I wasn't able to use Iori against Mukai. Thank you Ash ala Kain and Kyo's Aragami Chain on the corner! :P

Also went on three games against a friend. Lost to two just because I have a few tokens. On the last one though, another friend told me to be serious...okay. She got her request and I gave him a lot of mixups to fear using Kyosuke, Roy and Zaki. Saku was right! Roy's d+HP IS cheap! xDDD The final hit was an HK from Kyosuke (turned away). Then I left the token to him. And the result:

I got home earlier than usual~ Got home around 3pm, messing with Liu on YM using my mobile before that. =3

Now that I'm here, time to turn to my wishlist~

1. Complete compilation of Fullmetal Alchemist Anime/Manga
2. Pokemon Adventures Manga

I had other things in mind but I forgot...I thought of them in the morning and I forgot to write about them. :(

Oh well~ I live in a dreamworld...


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