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I woke up in the middle of the night last night. Apparently, I was still fantasizing about the KoF MI2 Videos I downloaded here. They move so cool and hit so solid, I want to take part of it or at least play it~ Not 3D-ish like Tekken but good enough. It wasn't the only thing that kept me slightly awake though. My neck hurt (bad sleeping posture). xP

After watching Leona's moves, I was inspired to use the Ikari Warriors in KoF 2k3. Surprisingly, I managed to get past Chizuru/Maki...then again, I was spamming Ralf and Clark's Super Argentine Backbreaker. :P Died against Mukai though...

Last night wasn't enough so I decided to check YouTube for more videos for kicks. Khan even showed me a video containing KoF XI's fuc~up combos... o_O

Visit because we say so! :P

"I can't believe I actually understood what Mai was saying...!"
- Me on YM


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