Affliction: fanboying
Remedy: Alphonse
Requiem: Rewrite - Asian Kung-Fu Generation

You know that heavy feeling when as if your chest was in some kind of pain? That same feeling that makes you feel you want to cry. Or maybe a feeling that you just needed a hug from someone you love. That same hug that makes you wonder if it would ever make every pain go away...I blame Aenthin and Alphonse. I still love you guys though! =3

As you know, Alphonse is from FMA. He really needs a hug here and that alone makes me wanna be him right now...

aww! cute isn't he?

More Al pics here and here.

Aenthin on the other hand is my original character. A boy who ran away from home just to look for his brother and ends meeting up with different people from different places. Thinking about the end of the story I made just makes me feel rather envious. ):

Oh well! I wanna watch Sister Act again! Just watched parts of it back at school. xD


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