Affliction: PokeNostalgia
Requiem: Mimiru - Yuriko Kaida

And I blame Wikipedia for it. xD

Oh yeah! I'm back to a "slight" comeback to Pokemon after reading a "few" entries in Wikipedia. I ended up searching for other Pokemon ROMs for my emulator (I only had FireRed, Silver and Sapphire) and downloaded every (US) version released besides the original three and the with courtesy to Khan for Emerald. Now I'm starting Emerald and LeafGreen all over. xD

Also, I found myself texting and calling Liu to keep him occupied while the line kills him (or he kills the people before him). xDDD

On a side note, the Time For School RP has finally started! Yey~~

On another side note, I got a Momo for the first time in PJ. o_O

Traveling makes me sleepy...


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