Spidey, Leona, and the Boot

Requiem: No One - Aly & AJ

I borrowed "The Best of Spiderman Volume 2" from our library while we were supposed to photocopy our sources for our research. Lol! Gotta love Spidey and his crazy antics! Heh~ Excuse me. *is lacking in the comic department* I didn't realize the book was heavy though. I just placed it in my bag and it feels like my bag was back in my high school days! o_O I eventually returned it though later in the afternoon. Hehe~ Can you blame a boy who likes to read comics in the middle of a lecture?

Leona is definitely now one of my favorite KoF characters to use, although I would still need improvement. Goodness! She's flies everywhere and while difficult to use, has a powerful set of moves to mow opponents down. She dies more often than any character from my usual three colored-flames team (Iori, Kyo, Ash) though I can follow/cancel into her V-Slasher with relative ease...something I just learned in a relatively short time...something that says "STOP HANGING OUT AT THE ARCADES ALREADY!" o_O

I also can't quite hold on to Ralf and Clark very well. Most of the time, I can be seen spamming Super Argentine Backbreaker over and over again. I especially need help with Clark and his running blockable do you follow that up anyway?

My school's server sucks! It gets the boot. I hope I could get my slots though.

"Sayonara..." *explosion*
- Leona doing Rebel Spark


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