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Merry Christmas you guys! I got a bunch of clothes for gifts again. I swear, they ought to give me a new closet next Christmas. Lol~

Anywho, I won't be around for this afternoon. Like we do every Christmas, we go back to the province and visit our grandparents' resting place. I was hoping I'd borrow a book of Ender's Game and read it on the way. Unfortunately, my neighbor has to dig into her books to find it. I ended up with Dune instead. Haha! Oh well. Ender can wait.

Hope you guys have fun~




Affliction: Worn Out
Remedy: Rest
Requiem: Always Be My Baby - Mariah Carey

*drops half-dead on the floor* ~~gah~~ I'm tired from all that walking. It's a good thing I can still move my fingers and type...

Yar~ I started the day a bit early but I managed to get to school on time. It was course card distribution and we can get all of the cards up to 11am (I didn't bother getting my last card at 2pm). Unfortunately, the LRT still has that fricking, annoying ASEAN song they keep on repeating over and over again...F them...

Nothing much at school. You win some, you lose some. Not like it bothered me, I actually expected that, yet some people want to complain. They even asked me if I would. Why would I? I did nothing and I deserve that grade. Why in the world will I complain about my teacher (although I might complain why I have to take up that subject. :P) In addition to the course cards, I got my EAF for enrollment as well. Then I left for...

SM Makati, Ayala. So many people. Large building and I can easily get lost, which I think I did at one point, but I did manage to find my way easily. Must be instincts. I had one goal in mind: find gifts for my family and friends. In particular, I was trying to find a bright greendark red jacket for Liu. I managed to get two CDs for my little sister (formerly my niece) and my (other) niece. I didn't know we had the Heffalump Movie though...oh well. No luck on the jacket. Then I got tired from walking; my feet hurt and my eyes are getting dry from the cold are and the staring of stuff. I was also hungry...

...Salisbury Steak, Iced Tea, Chocolate Marble Waffles. Pancake House, though it was full of people, was not spared....

Then I caught my eyes on an orange T-shirt. Twee~

Shangri-La was next. I stopped by at Power Station for a while and played technically 3 games in SVC. I didn't know Kim had a good AI. Beat up my Iori...Orochi (Crazy) Iori had better luck (no duh). Unfortunately, he fell for Violent Ken. Then I made a mistake and pressed start before the Game Over part. I was to unlock Goenitz but didn't work. How the hell would I win against V.Ken when I can't even use that fricking oaf (Earthquake) properly?

Nothing on Power Books that I might buy for anyone (or at least what I know). I went around as well but no jackets. I went to SM Megamall instead. Ack! Another huge place to walk around yet no jacket in sight. Besides Toby's where I bought a can of Tennis Balls for my dad, well, nothing. Another SVC arcade was around though. I hate Guile, period. I managed to get past Goenitz with Kim though. V.Ken is still a batstartd...

I thought of coming to Bruce but it was late. Not to mention, I was pooped out. My last stop was SM Cubao. Still, no dark red jacket...

Sorry, Liu. There really isn't a dark red jacket. I didn't bother buy a black or a dark blue jacket either but I still bought you something. Better than nothing, eh? Also, I still haven't got Bruce's cellphone accessories either. Greenhills is unfortunately not in my route. I was thinking I'd buy them soon though. Saku also gets the cheapest gift from me: a P100 Level-up Card. At least I also got to take off P100 from what he owes me~ Besides, it's 3x in RO now anyway. =P

Now I want to play StarCraft~

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Requiem: Heart of Sword - T.M. Revolution

I swear, the LRT should get themselves new CDs or don't play music at all. Darn them! I ranted all of this to Raz in YM despite I was only using my cellphone inside the train.

YM also should fix how they do stuff on SMS messaging...

So after a while, I decided to go to Sta. Lucia to go play Rival Schools (the first one) but darn it! Whenever I want to play something that is out of my reach for the second or so time, it disappears from the mall. -_-

Oh well. At least I got to play KoF 2k3 and Project Justice (with Kurow). I can only reach Mukai with a team of (L^)Iori, Kyo and Ash and I can only kill him off by sheer luck. (I tried anticipating but this AI kept grabbing me o_< ). Also, I haven't finished the Darkside Student Congress story yet. I dunno. I messed up against Demon Hyo somehow. (KUROW, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO USE THE BURNING VIGOR, DEMMIT!)

On the plus side, I got to visit Liu, not before I bought a pin bearing Niwa Daisuke. xD

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My arse hurts from sitting in one place. Demmit! It took me an hour and a half just in one jeep from Katipunan Ave. to Masinag all because a road to Marikina was closed!!! Gyah!!

And this was supposed to be a post about pancakes... *grumble*

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Dilemma of practicality

Affliction: Nostalgia
Requiem: Shounen Humming - Masumi Itou

I've got P3000 for an early Christmas present from my dad. Since I don't really have anything to get as of this moment (except for a few but those are just dreamy obsessions), I was thinking of spending it for some gifts this coming Christmas and probably a trip to Pancake House...Mmm...Pancakes but I have absolutely no idea what to buy.

Except Liu. He should expect a bright green dark red jacket from me since it's pretty obvious even before I told him last time we met. (I texted him a long time what color/s he wanted). Of course, my folks got a bit disgruntled after hearing that. They're all like,

"Ba't siya and mahal ng jacket tapos kami wala?
(Why does he get an expensive jacket while we don't get any?"

Lol~ Seriously, I don't know what to give to you guys (family/friends). I also do not bother asking until now. For the kids, it's obvious to grab a few toys they might enjoy like Teddy from Mr. Bean I bought for my little sister (formerly my niece)'s birthday. For some guys like R2 I have no idea of what to give.

"You rich bastards."
-Fujioka Haruhi

One thing I've learned, never, ever, bring a gift-wrapped present with you in the MRT. Darn security guards.

I just read this article. Intriguing fact but I still think Christmas shopping should not stop. Maybe just regulated. After all, while it can be stressful at times, I think it pays off when the person you gave the present to would appreciate it. Not to mention, it's tradition. As you should know, it's difficult to take out tradition like it's a tradition decorate your whole house with garlands no matter how frustrating it can be. Also, there's this fact where I could say,

"I shop because I want to. Got any problems with that?"

Setting all those aside, I really am tempted to go buy at Pancake House especially since I have a dentist appointment today. And to R2, I don't care if you make better pancakes. Some people still have their own reasons why they prefer to eat outside than make their own, I guess.

YM still seems down. They said it would be up after two hours. Liars...

From Kyona:

Which Fullmetal Alchemist Character are you?

Maes Hughes
Take this quiz!

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Affliction: Nostalgia
Requiem: Shounen Humming - Masumi Itou

YM is down for server maintenance and I thought that only happens for MMOs. My classmate said she was gonna add me in YM for our extremely late, last-minute project but it never happened. I guess it would be a no-project then.

Speaking of patches, my MapleStory isn't finished either so instead, I got to watch Zettai Shounen again. I also finally got it's ED. Gah! The nostalgia...

"You came. I've been waiting"




Affliction: Spamming Kim's Hien Zan_Tensho Zan
Remedy: A different strategy
Requiem: R.O.D - YKZ

I had this sudden urge to use Kim Kaphwan this morning. Ever since my game in SVC last Friday, my hands became programmed to charge d,u+D_d+D. I even do it with Ash who, mind you, doesn't have the follow-up _d+D. Lol~ My love for charge characters has increased somewhat. I keep forgetting that Kyo and Iori aren't Ash or Kim. I hate Guile though. >(

Kao Megura was also right about KoF 2k3. Commands ARE stricter than those in the previous games. I mean, I really had to speed up pressing d,d just to use Haki Kyaku. Also, it's no wonder I wasn't able to follow up with Clark's moves.

I had quite some time with MapleStory. I just leveled up twice today with my Warrior. My sister keeps urging me to go as a Bandit though ever since he saw me play one when she and her friend decided to switch accounts for a while. She said I was a natural. I say it's just habit and probably gaming obsession...

I wasn't able to find a P100 NetGames card today. ):

Kyona also keeps in touch with me recently. Just a while ago, her avatar showed herself dressed as Roy on a transmutation circle. I told her I had my own so I decided to recreate it on MSPaint and Adobe Photoshop:

Actually, the transmutation circle is for my original character, Johan Schelzwich. The circle is meant to summon plants similar to RO's Bio Cannibalize in which the plants are alive but under the alchemist's control. The big and small triangles represent Earth and Air respectively. The circle is also the universal symbol for everlasting life. The symbols which Raz/ mistranslated into SAT are really ancient Filipino letters called Alibata. Literally, it is Ha, La and Ma when read in a clockwise direction and translates into halaman meaning plant. The dots lining up the outer circle were also supposed to be more of those letters but I decided to make them random since they were too small. Originally, it was supposed to be a copyright stating Johan owns the circle and a disclaimer that super and super super fine prints were invented by Thief. *cough*

Speaking of transmutation circles, my bro-in-law just gave me an FMA DVD with the complete season for an early Christmas present! ^_^

"Dear Santa,

My name is Jon. I have been good all year.
My dog, Odie, has been good all year.
And my cat, Garfield, says 'hi.'"

-Jon, Garfield Comics


I'm *yawn*

Requiem: Chikara - BeForU

I had a fun time yesterday. I didn't think that I would be able to go due to the typhoon but that was averted by a high pressure area up north. I also didn't think that I would be the first guy to arrive in Power Station. Normally, Khan, Jake, Sean or R2 would be around when I arrive.

SVC Chaos was the only other arcade for me in there. I decided to try out Orochi Iori and Kim Kaphwan for the heck of it. Oooh! I was having fun flying around with Orochi Iori and spamming Hien Zan > Tenshou Zan with Kim! xD I hate Guile though. I'd always lose when I have to fight him even on the first stage. Annoying turtle. At least I could defeat GonadsGoenitz now. Not to mention, I have a new favorite combo: Jump D, d+D! Lol! Gotta love the classic.

Rika, Creole and their friend came and as usual, we (the boys) wouldn't want to leave the arcade just yet. I ended up buying a piece of Sylvanna for Rika although it's not very fulfilling. Then we ate Chinese. I should have ordered more Yang Chow Fried Rice when I had the chance. Then again, that would also leave me without any money. Afterwards, it was time for us to go Starbucks, Liu/'s treat. I was thinking getting Latte but then...nah. I got Vanilla Cream Frappuccino instead. And as Sean and I discovered, why weren't there Belgian Waffles?

Rika and Sean had to leave after Rika was done with her drink so we ended up going to the LRT. On the way, I met Ate Chi, my neighbor, and had a short chat. Then, we went down again to wait for Jake's car to Greenhills. We didn't have enough room so Liu and Khan had to walk (that lit. meant to run). I was spacing out again during a conversation in the car...darn short attention span. Great....I have asthma and ADHD...(well, not really but I am asthmatic).

We just went around a few in Greenhills. We were browsing around a comic shop. I saw a Genshiken volume 7 lying around but that's about it. Khan also knew what would grab my attention ('twas a KoF 2k3 comic, lol). I also bought Teddy (ala Mr. Bean) for my niece's birthday from the stall in front of the comic shop. Then we went around again and ended up in another otaku shop. I found some fencing gears in there too plus one employee even talked about the fencing gears with me. Maybe someday I could buy fencing gears over there.

We went to Timezone afterwards. Khan and Creole said they had to split but went back for some reason. R2 didn't return though after giving me a black shirt with an Autobot logo on it (thanks!). We had dinner at McDonalds although Creole went ahead afterwards. Originally, Jake, Khan, Liu and I would have gone to a movie but since there wasn't time (Khan had to leave in an hour), the two former ended up buying more coke and we conversed about martial arts. I kept silent for most but it was really an intriguing subject, like whoa! Is that Ki, Chi, Chakra or whatever you are talking about? xD

I arrived back at home around 11pm and overslept.