Affliction: Spamming Kim's Hien Zan_Tensho Zan
Remedy: A different strategy
Requiem: R.O.D - YKZ

I had this sudden urge to use Kim Kaphwan this morning. Ever since my game in SVC last Friday, my hands became programmed to charge d,u+D_d+D. I even do it with Ash who, mind you, doesn't have the follow-up _d+D. Lol~ My love for charge characters has increased somewhat. I keep forgetting that Kyo and Iori aren't Ash or Kim. I hate Guile though. >(

Kao Megura was also right about KoF 2k3. Commands ARE stricter than those in the previous games. I mean, I really had to speed up pressing d,d just to use Haki Kyaku. Also, it's no wonder I wasn't able to follow up with Clark's moves.

I had quite some time with MapleStory. I just leveled up twice today with my Warrior. My sister keeps urging me to go as a Bandit though ever since he saw me play one when she and her friend decided to switch accounts for a while. She said I was a natural. I say it's just habit and probably gaming obsession...

I wasn't able to find a P100 NetGames card today. ):

Kyona also keeps in touch with me recently. Just a while ago, her avatar showed herself dressed as Roy on a transmutation circle. I told her I had my own so I decided to recreate it on MSPaint and Adobe Photoshop:

Actually, the transmutation circle is for my original character, Johan Schelzwich. The circle is meant to summon plants similar to RO's Bio Cannibalize in which the plants are alive but under the alchemist's control. The big and small triangles represent Earth and Air respectively. The circle is also the universal symbol for everlasting life. The symbols which Raz/ mistranslated into SAT are really ancient Filipino letters called Alibata. Literally, it is Ha, La and Ma when read in a clockwise direction and translates into halaman meaning plant. The dots lining up the outer circle were also supposed to be more of those letters but I decided to make them random since they were too small. Originally, it was supposed to be a copyright stating Johan owns the circle and a disclaimer that super and super super fine prints were invented by Thief. *cough*

Speaking of transmutation circles, my bro-in-law just gave me an FMA DVD with the complete season for an early Christmas present! ^_^

"Dear Santa,

My name is Jon. I have been good all year.
My dog, Odie, has been good all year.
And my cat, Garfield, says 'hi.'"

-Jon, Garfield Comics


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