Dilemma of practicality

Affliction: Nostalgia
Requiem: Shounen Humming - Masumi Itou

I've got P3000 for an early Christmas present from my dad. Since I don't really have anything to get as of this moment (except for a few but those are just dreamy obsessions), I was thinking of spending it for some gifts this coming Christmas and probably a trip to Pancake House...Mmm...Pancakes but I have absolutely no idea what to buy.

Except Liu. He should expect a bright green dark red jacket from me since it's pretty obvious even before I told him last time we met. (I texted him a long time what color/s he wanted). Of course, my folks got a bit disgruntled after hearing that. They're all like,

"Ba't siya and mahal ng jacket tapos kami wala?
(Why does he get an expensive jacket while we don't get any?"

Lol~ Seriously, I don't know what to give to you guys (family/friends). I also do not bother asking until now. For the kids, it's obvious to grab a few toys they might enjoy like Teddy from Mr. Bean I bought for my little sister (formerly my niece)'s birthday. For some guys like R2 I have no idea of what to give.

"You rich bastards."
-Fujioka Haruhi

One thing I've learned, never, ever, bring a gift-wrapped present with you in the MRT. Darn security guards.

I just read this article. Intriguing fact but I still think Christmas shopping should not stop. Maybe just regulated. After all, while it can be stressful at times, I think it pays off when the person you gave the present to would appreciate it. Not to mention, it's tradition. As you should know, it's difficult to take out tradition like it's a tradition decorate your whole house with garlands no matter how frustrating it can be. Also, there's this fact where I could say,

"I shop because I want to. Got any problems with that?"

Setting all those aside, I really am tempted to go buy at Pancake House especially since I have a dentist appointment today. And to R2, I don't care if you make better pancakes. Some people still have their own reasons why they prefer to eat outside than make their own, I guess.

YM still seems down. They said it would be up after two hours. Liars...

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