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Requiem: Chikara - BeForU

I had a fun time yesterday. I didn't think that I would be able to go due to the typhoon but that was averted by a high pressure area up north. I also didn't think that I would be the first guy to arrive in Power Station. Normally, Khan, Jake, Sean or R2 would be around when I arrive.

SVC Chaos was the only other arcade for me in there. I decided to try out Orochi Iori and Kim Kaphwan for the heck of it. Oooh! I was having fun flying around with Orochi Iori and spamming Hien Zan > Tenshou Zan with Kim! xD I hate Guile though. I'd always lose when I have to fight him even on the first stage. Annoying turtle. At least I could defeat GonadsGoenitz now. Not to mention, I have a new favorite combo: Jump D, d+D! Lol! Gotta love the classic.

Rika, Creole and their friend came and as usual, we (the boys) wouldn't want to leave the arcade just yet. I ended up buying a piece of Sylvanna for Rika although it's not very fulfilling. Then we ate Chinese. I should have ordered more Yang Chow Fried Rice when I had the chance. Then again, that would also leave me without any money. Afterwards, it was time for us to go Starbucks, Liu/'s treat. I was thinking getting Latte but then...nah. I got Vanilla Cream Frappuccino instead. And as Sean and I discovered, why weren't there Belgian Waffles?

Rika and Sean had to leave after Rika was done with her drink so we ended up going to the LRT. On the way, I met Ate Chi, my neighbor, and had a short chat. Then, we went down again to wait for Jake's car to Greenhills. We didn't have enough room so Liu and Khan had to walk (that lit. meant to run). I was spacing out again during a conversation in the car...darn short attention span. Great....I have asthma and ADHD...(well, not really but I am asthmatic).

We just went around a few in Greenhills. We were browsing around a comic shop. I saw a Genshiken volume 7 lying around but that's about it. Khan also knew what would grab my attention ('twas a KoF 2k3 comic, lol). I also bought Teddy (ala Mr. Bean) for my niece's birthday from the stall in front of the comic shop. Then we went around again and ended up in another otaku shop. I found some fencing gears in there too plus one employee even talked about the fencing gears with me. Maybe someday I could buy fencing gears over there.

We went to Timezone afterwards. Khan and Creole said they had to split but went back for some reason. R2 didn't return though after giving me a black shirt with an Autobot logo on it (thanks!). We had dinner at McDonalds although Creole went ahead afterwards. Originally, Jake, Khan, Liu and I would have gone to a movie but since there wasn't time (Khan had to leave in an hour), the two former ended up buying more coke and we conversed about martial arts. I kept silent for most but it was really an intriguing subject, like whoa! Is that Ki, Chi, Chakra or whatever you are talking about? xD

I arrived back at home around 11pm and overslept.


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