Requiem: Heart of Sword - T.M. Revolution

I swear, the LRT should get themselves new CDs or don't play music at all. Darn them! I ranted all of this to Raz in YM despite I was only using my cellphone inside the train.

YM also should fix how they do stuff on SMS messaging...

So after a while, I decided to go to Sta. Lucia to go play Rival Schools (the first one) but darn it! Whenever I want to play something that is out of my reach for the second or so time, it disappears from the mall. -_-

Oh well. At least I got to play KoF 2k3 and Project Justice (with Kurow). I can only reach Mukai with a team of (L^)Iori, Kyo and Ash and I can only kill him off by sheer luck. (I tried anticipating but this AI kept grabbing me o_< ). Also, I haven't finished the Darkside Student Congress story yet. I dunno. I messed up against Demon Hyo somehow. (KUROW, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO USE THE BURNING VIGOR, DEMMIT!)

On the plus side, I got to visit Liu, not before I bought a pin bearing Niwa Daisuke. xD

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