"Isolation Never"

Upbeat: Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome - Iori Yagami of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Lots of surprising things today~

I was very early at school today simply because I needed to finish my BASICOM project with my partner. I took with me my worn-out shoes and, in the arcade, I keep forgetting to bring them with me. (Once I was out of the building and I had to run back in again). We did funny stuff but we managed to finish, at least the video part. He's gonna take care of the audio.

Meanwhile, at the arcade:
1. Iori can combo: Kuzu Kaze > d+LK > Ya Otome~
2. Rock looks badass doing Neo Deadly Rave with a Dramatic Finish~
3. I finally finished the suggested Powered Akira combo that takes lots of practice (or subconscience)~
4. Ran can combo: df+HK ^ [(LK,LK,HP,HK)x2 > air combo finisher] o_O I dunno if it deals more damage than the usual though it seems like it.
5. I got a new Kyoko Ranking~~~~~~~ (It's a slightly improved Kyosuke ranking: less show, more skill).
6. I met with Urumi. xD

Yeah. About that, I was supposed to rush home for my final touches of my project when I decided to go to the arcade instead (it's called addiction). There was already someone playing KoF 2k3, someone who looked familiar. On my instinct, I decided to play CVS instead. Some times, we kept exchanging glances, then someone decided to challenge me. She decided to leave as well but instead went back to play another game of KoF. When I was defeated, I went beside her and...well, let's just say it was a very, very, very, very, very long conversation~ xD Oh we had fun together although I found myself monopolizing the conversation again. ^^;

Tech Pens...all bookstores were closed the minute I visited. Ah, screw it. The supermarket doesn't have any Meiji products as well. What the...what kind of a supermarket are you?! Oh yeah and mosquitos seem to begin invading places nowadays...

"And *p00f* It became Koko Krunch!"

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Upbeat: Neo Deadly Rave - Rock Howard of Garou: MOTW
Rhythm: Chun Zai (Instrumental)

Well finally! I couldn't even post properly on blogger until now?

CVS Kyosuke is strange to play. I see good players but them using Kyosuke is a rare moment. I can't seem to do his air combo, mostly because I can't use his launcher properly, plus he dies easily (I usually make him a ratio-1 character). Rock on the other hand is fun but I need to practice on him more to play him properly. Iori's still my best character.

How do you do dramatic finishes anyway? I know it has something to do with a Super/DM or something and a counter hit...then again, there are some instances I do counter hits and it's just a normal finish. There was one instance though that CPU Morrigan used her crappy super and I only used Iori's Oniyaki yet ended with a dramatic finish. AAAND there was another instance I saw when a player comboed from normal attacks into a Ya Otome and did a dramatic combo finish...

And what's the requirement to fight U.Rugal/S.Akuma anyway? *checks gamefaqs*

Another thing, I managed to chip 7/9ths of Mukai's lifebar using Ash Crimson only before he got KO'ed. o_O What the...How the hell did I...WTFH??! Wahahaha!! Rushdown Ash rocks! I had to use a lot of Thermidor DMs though.

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Rhythm: Lips of an Angel - Hinder

So anything happened while I was away from my confinement in the hospital? Oops! That was a bit sudden. Yep. It all started when I began feeling...uh...not too well while going home Thursday night. Like I said on my Friday post, I wasn't feeling very much jumpy. I did manage to go to the school clinic and still attended two classes but my last class, I decided I just called my folks to pick me up along the road.

Good thing I did. I nearly threw up on the train. Probably alarmed some people in front of me too. Haha. I didn't throw up though until I was on the car. It was also a good thing I told them I felt like vomitting so that we could ready a plastic bag around. When I got home, I threw up for the second time and poof. I'm on my way to the hospital.

No way I'm going for Medical City. Past traumas. 'nuff said. St. Luke's, however, had lots of patients. There were rather long intervals between each nurse/doctor visit as a result. Imagine, we arrived there at around 10 or so and I only got a private room at around 3.

Dextrose is an evil thing. Sure it's supposed to rehydrate me after I vomitted the oral rehydration they gave me but I can't darn move my left arm freely with it, and I'm not used with lying down on my back. I'd rather have myself face down on the bed or facing on either side, which is hard when my I can't change my left hand's position. Lying down for more or less 23 hours isn't quite fun either. Hurts my head.

So I was in the hospital for approximately 36 hours. So far, the only thing I enjoyed were better cable receptions. It's a good thing it was a weekend. Bad stuff may happen if I was watching cable on a

They still gave me a very strict diet for my acute gastroenteritis: grilled everything and rice. No greasy stuff, including food from school. Nothing fried. No milk (although I did have some cheese). A bunch of stuff. However, I'm just glad I'm not on dextrose while lying on bed for around 23 hours.

Not to mention, my computer was brought back to life again~

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Upbeat: Haten no Kamae - Akira Kazama of Project Justice

I'm not feeling well today. Particularly, my digestive tract isn't feeling happy right now, I feel slightly warmer and I haven't gotten enough sleep. Not to mention, my other computer is still busted...okay. That's a bit unrelated. If I still feel like this, I was thinking to check in the clinic. That also means I have to skip fencing again. T_T

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big fat time

Upbeat: Ten no Renbu - Akira Kazama from Project Justice

I'm still in the middle of my 9 to 9 schedule here although I'm making use of my 2-hour free time right now (I made a mistake at glancing at my scheduling) although I don't have too much.

Why does it have to seem faster when Liu is around? Cool! He was wearing myhis orange jacket! He said they say that he was from Little Caesar's Pizza. Nyahaha~ GIMME! *grabs hold on jacket*

Free hand drawing's my first subject. She gave me 3 hours to draw my hand, my shoe and a corner of a room. How cool is that? Ehem. I'm not too good. Actually, I was feeling kinda lazy and a bit of a let down to my drawings, especially when she suddenly showed us a bunch of stuff her last pupils did. OMG! And those weren't the best yet? O_O And designing concepts aren't really my forte but I did manage to get an idea...though it wasn't accepted 'cuz my idea needed a mechanism...darn. Oh well. Both my professors are quite nice too.

I wonder about my Basic Computer subject though. Oh, it's time. Gotta run!

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Because I can

Upbeat: Super Flash Kougeki - Ran Hibiki of Project Justice
Rhythm: Monster Radio RX 93.1

Classes started yesterday. Since I'm not in a block section anymore, I feel like a noob again. First day and I already am experiencing short-term memory losses again. Dem short attention span. Dem OCD. At least my subjects are quite interesting. My philosophy prof has an annoying, booming voice that could echo around the room. A nice strategy. My world literature prof also have quite a catchy, witty sense of humor on her end.

I beat Mukai twice with Kyo's Corner Aragami Chain. I still wonder why I can't do it using Aoi Hana. I hate it when he charges in and grabs. Annoying grab. Otherwise, he's actually getting easier and easier to beat nowadays. I also tried K' around again, using KoF's classic command cancel combo. I had a little problem of actually pulling it off against third stage and above teams though since I'd be seen spamming Second Shot a lot.

No classes today. Actually, no classes every Tuesday and Saturday. The trade is that my MWF schedule starts from around 1200 to 1800 while my Thursday schedule is the tedious 0900 to 2100, three subjects with three hours each and exactly an hour of break time in-between. I'd have to eat during those brief times. I'd have to find ways of getting home as well.

Anyway, I plan to go shopping today. Dem requirements...

Hehehe! Geographer Band~
pRO Iris: Johan Schelzwich

""It wasn't unnecessary waste. I can't win battles if I'm so terrified of losing a ship that I never take any risks."
-Ender Wiggin

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It came from below

Upbeat: Saku Tsumagushi - Iori Yagami of KoF fame
Rhythm: Sakura Kiss for Piano

Finally, I got home and read my book! Like a while ago, I was surprised to find the chapters were fairly short. It was fairly easy to understand too. I was around Chapter 4 when I decided to stop for a while and read the rest of them some time. Poor Ender~

Not much on the trip back home. There was only light to moderate traffic around.

Got to love that guy's awed expression even if I lost in the end. I don't know why but my reflexes keep telling my f,d,df + K or qcf,qcf + K with Iori. And man, I was laughing, although silently, when Iori's autoguard kicked in against Ryo's Haou Shoukou Ken! Bwahahaha! I definitely love that hop forward, claw downward, face slam, spinning on air then throw now! Then I passed by KoF 2k1 again. Like usual, I can't get past the third round but I had straights with Vanessa and Kula before I started using Kyo and Iori. I seem to forget what good move to cancel into after Kula's and Vanessa's close C_f + A.

SVC Guile is still a batstard. Any ideas on getting past him? Actually, I wasn't the one playing but a guy playing Ryu did have someone to save him from total defeat. Some other random guy chose Akuma for his character. Not too good though. Honestly, I thought I'd see a lot of spamming of his airborne fireballs, teleports and even the Shin Goku Satsu. Hnope. So when the Ryu guy was losing against Guile again, I decided to challenge (Wow! Me challenging a person other than my friends? o_O)

So I stopped by at Shang and Megamall again today. I decided a quick stop at the bookstores but no Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game on every bookstore I've been into, except for the National Bookstore in Megamall. Weird that they don't have any categories, labels or whatever you call those "General Fiction," "Science Fiction" things. I was gonna leave that place too for "almost no motivation to find anything that is unlabeled," and all other laziness that might have kicked in. Good thing I still browsed the place though! Twee~ Ender!!!

Not much on school either. There's still a line along the accounting office but it's quite shorter than usual. Fortunately for me, my enrollment is still accepted although I still require the certification letter until Tuesday. Seriously, that brought me more relief than anything else right now, 'specially when there's lots of tension going around my life.

So my sister decided to try out vending in the Free Market in Maple Story. Although I've seen it only this morining, I'm already pretty familiar with it. Vending in Ragnarok sure pays off once in a while. Her shop went on until who knows when.

"I'm afraid, but I'll go with you...I don't want to go, but I will."
-Andrew "Ender" Wiggin

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It comes to this...

Rhythm: Sakura Kiss for String

(backtracked 'cuz I forgot to copy-paste it)


Yis. That was my cuz doing the marquee. Well, everybody's done showing off their fireworks now. I've managed to handle a few Roman Candles as well. Now, my folks are back making annoying, high-pitched feedbacks on their favorite Magic Sing. Now, I'm busy with my little artwork project, inspired by the many artists of deviantART. =3

Have fun you guys~