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Upbeat: Super Flash Kougeki - Ran Hibiki of Project Justice
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Classes started yesterday. Since I'm not in a block section anymore, I feel like a noob again. First day and I already am experiencing short-term memory losses again. Dem short attention span. Dem OCD. At least my subjects are quite interesting. My philosophy prof has an annoying, booming voice that could echo around the room. A nice strategy. My world literature prof also have quite a catchy, witty sense of humor on her end.

I beat Mukai twice with Kyo's Corner Aragami Chain. I still wonder why I can't do it using Aoi Hana. I hate it when he charges in and grabs. Annoying grab. Otherwise, he's actually getting easier and easier to beat nowadays. I also tried K' around again, using KoF's classic command cancel combo. I had a little problem of actually pulling it off against third stage and above teams though since I'd be seen spamming Second Shot a lot.

No classes today. Actually, no classes every Tuesday and Saturday. The trade is that my MWF schedule starts from around 1200 to 1800 while my Thursday schedule is the tedious 0900 to 2100, three subjects with three hours each and exactly an hour of break time in-between. I'd have to eat during those brief times. I'd have to find ways of getting home as well.

Anyway, I plan to go shopping today. Dem requirements...

Hehehe! Geographer Band~
pRO Iris: Johan Schelzwich

""It wasn't unnecessary waste. I can't win battles if I'm so terrified of losing a ship that I never take any risks."
-Ender Wiggin

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  • At 12:55 PM , Anonymous Urumi said...

    Hahaha!! Don't worry, you'll pull through eventually, tomodachi~ ^___^v I envy you for not having classes every Saturday~ Hmppf~ XD

    I don't have classes every Tuesday too~ XD


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