big fat time

Upbeat: Ten no Renbu - Akira Kazama from Project Justice

I'm still in the middle of my 9 to 9 schedule here although I'm making use of my 2-hour free time right now (I made a mistake at glancing at my scheduling) although I don't have too much.

Why does it have to seem faster when Liu is around? Cool! He was wearing myhis orange jacket! He said they say that he was from Little Caesar's Pizza. Nyahaha~ GIMME! *grabs hold on jacket*

Free hand drawing's my first subject. She gave me 3 hours to draw my hand, my shoe and a corner of a room. How cool is that? Ehem. I'm not too good. Actually, I was feeling kinda lazy and a bit of a let down to my drawings, especially when she suddenly showed us a bunch of stuff her last pupils did. OMG! And those weren't the best yet? O_O And designing concepts aren't really my forte but I did manage to get an idea...though it wasn't accepted 'cuz my idea needed a mechanism...darn. Oh well. Both my professors are quite nice too.

I wonder about my Basic Computer subject though. Oh, it's time. Gotta run!

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