Upbeat: Neo Deadly Rave - Rock Howard of Garou: MOTW
Rhythm: Chun Zai (Instrumental)

Well finally! I couldn't even post properly on blogger until now?

CVS Kyosuke is strange to play. I see good players but them using Kyosuke is a rare moment. I can't seem to do his air combo, mostly because I can't use his launcher properly, plus he dies easily (I usually make him a ratio-1 character). Rock on the other hand is fun but I need to practice on him more to play him properly. Iori's still my best character.

How do you do dramatic finishes anyway? I know it has something to do with a Super/DM or something and a counter hit...then again, there are some instances I do counter hits and it's just a normal finish. There was one instance though that CPU Morrigan used her crappy super and I only used Iori's Oniyaki yet ended with a dramatic finish. AAAND there was another instance I saw when a player comboed from normal attacks into a Ya Otome and did a dramatic combo finish...

And what's the requirement to fight U.Rugal/S.Akuma anyway? *checks gamefaqs*

Another thing, I managed to chip 7/9ths of Mukai's lifebar using Ash Crimson only before he got KO'ed. o_O What the...How the hell did I...WTFH??! Wahahaha!! Rushdown Ash rocks! I had to use a lot of Thermidor DMs though.

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  • At 7:30 PM , Anonymous urumi said...

    A hunter? (Nakoruru) Well... could be. Because she has an eagle ally. But I don't know how to use the eagle in combat. LOL. She's really quick, kaya I think of her as an assassin class. XD

    Ohh and... I am beginning to like Iori in a way. Hohoh~ XD


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