"Isolation Never"

Upbeat: Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome - Iori Yagami of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Lots of surprising things today~

I was very early at school today simply because I needed to finish my BASICOM project with my partner. I took with me my worn-out shoes and, in the arcade, I keep forgetting to bring them with me. (Once I was out of the building and I had to run back in again). We did funny stuff but we managed to finish, at least the video part. He's gonna take care of the audio.

Meanwhile, at the arcade:
1. Iori can combo: Kuzu Kaze > d+LK > Ya Otome~
2. Rock looks badass doing Neo Deadly Rave with a Dramatic Finish~
3. I finally finished the suggested Powered Akira combo that takes lots of practice (or subconscience)~
4. Ran can combo: df+HK ^ [(LK,LK,HP,HK)x2 > air combo finisher] o_O I dunno if it deals more damage than the usual though it seems like it.
5. I got a new Kyoko Ranking~~~~~~~ (It's a slightly improved Kyosuke ranking: less show, more skill).
6. I met with Urumi. xD

Yeah. About that, I was supposed to rush home for my final touches of my project when I decided to go to the arcade instead (it's called addiction). There was already someone playing KoF 2k3, someone who looked familiar. On my instinct, I decided to play CVS instead. Some times, we kept exchanging glances, then someone decided to challenge me. She decided to leave as well but instead went back to play another game of KoF. When I was defeated, I went beside her and...well, let's just say it was a very, very, very, very, very long conversation~ xD Oh we had fun together although I found myself monopolizing the conversation again. ^^;

Tech Pens...all bookstores were closed the minute I visited. Ah, screw it. The supermarket doesn't have any Meiji products as well. What the...what kind of a supermarket are you?! Oh yeah and mosquitos seem to begin invading places nowadays...

"And *p00f* It became Koko Krunch!"

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