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Upbeat: Saku Tsumagushi - Iori Yagami of KoF fame
Rhythm: Sakura Kiss for Piano

Finally, I got home and read my book! Like a while ago, I was surprised to find the chapters were fairly short. It was fairly easy to understand too. I was around Chapter 4 when I decided to stop for a while and read the rest of them some time. Poor Ender~

Not much on the trip back home. There was only light to moderate traffic around.

Got to love that guy's awed expression even if I lost in the end. I don't know why but my reflexes keep telling my f,d,df + K or qcf,qcf + K with Iori. And man, I was laughing, although silently, when Iori's autoguard kicked in against Ryo's Haou Shoukou Ken! Bwahahaha! I definitely love that hop forward, claw downward, face slam, spinning on air then throw now! Then I passed by KoF 2k1 again. Like usual, I can't get past the third round but I had straights with Vanessa and Kula before I started using Kyo and Iori. I seem to forget what good move to cancel into after Kula's and Vanessa's close C_f + A.

SVC Guile is still a batstard. Any ideas on getting past him? Actually, I wasn't the one playing but a guy playing Ryu did have someone to save him from total defeat. Some other random guy chose Akuma for his character. Not too good though. Honestly, I thought I'd see a lot of spamming of his airborne fireballs, teleports and even the Shin Goku Satsu. Hnope. So when the Ryu guy was losing against Guile again, I decided to challenge (Wow! Me challenging a person other than my friends? o_O)

So I stopped by at Shang and Megamall again today. I decided a quick stop at the bookstores but no Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game on every bookstore I've been into, except for the National Bookstore in Megamall. Weird that they don't have any categories, labels or whatever you call those "General Fiction," "Science Fiction" things. I was gonna leave that place too for "almost no motivation to find anything that is unlabeled," and all other laziness that might have kicked in. Good thing I still browsed the place though! Twee~ Ender!!!

Not much on school either. There's still a line along the accounting office but it's quite shorter than usual. Fortunately for me, my enrollment is still accepted although I still require the certification letter until Tuesday. Seriously, that brought me more relief than anything else right now, 'specially when there's lots of tension going around my life.

So my sister decided to try out vending in the Free Market in Maple Story. Although I've seen it only this morining, I'm already pretty familiar with it. Vending in Ragnarok sure pays off once in a while. Her shop went on until who knows when.

"I'm afraid, but I'll go with you...I don't want to go, but I will."
-Andrew "Ender" Wiggin

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