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So anything happened while I was away from my confinement in the hospital? Oops! That was a bit sudden. Yep. It all started when I began feeling...uh...not too well while going home Thursday night. Like I said on my Friday post, I wasn't feeling very much jumpy. I did manage to go to the school clinic and still attended two classes but my last class, I decided I just called my folks to pick me up along the road.

Good thing I did. I nearly threw up on the train. Probably alarmed some people in front of me too. Haha. I didn't throw up though until I was on the car. It was also a good thing I told them I felt like vomitting so that we could ready a plastic bag around. When I got home, I threw up for the second time and poof. I'm on my way to the hospital.

No way I'm going for Medical City. Past traumas. 'nuff said. St. Luke's, however, had lots of patients. There were rather long intervals between each nurse/doctor visit as a result. Imagine, we arrived there at around 10 or so and I only got a private room at around 3.

Dextrose is an evil thing. Sure it's supposed to rehydrate me after I vomitted the oral rehydration they gave me but I can't darn move my left arm freely with it, and I'm not used with lying down on my back. I'd rather have myself face down on the bed or facing on either side, which is hard when my I can't change my left hand's position. Lying down for more or less 23 hours isn't quite fun either. Hurts my head.

So I was in the hospital for approximately 36 hours. So far, the only thing I enjoyed were better cable receptions. It's a good thing it was a weekend. Bad stuff may happen if I was watching cable on a

They still gave me a very strict diet for my acute gastroenteritis: grilled everything and rice. No greasy stuff, including food from school. Nothing fried. No milk (although I did have some cheese). A bunch of stuff. However, I'm just glad I'm not on dextrose while lying on bed for around 23 hours.

Not to mention, my computer was brought back to life again~

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  • At 9:39 AM , Anonymous Urumi said...

    Ehrkkk.. Acute gastroenteritis eh? For a sec, I thought it was acute food poisoning. LOL~ Joke lang. Hehehe.. Anyway, I officially welcome you to the world of people with weak digestive track. -__-; I do hope that won't happen again to you again since frequent attacks are not so pretty. Good thing that you didn't experience a "near-collapse" pain, though. I was the unlucky one to experience that. Hehehe! It felt like I could almost pass out any minute and my heart feels like its being roasted. Deym. XD

    Anyway, long comment. Hahaha! Welcome back Kuros DS! ^^v Meeeeiiji!

  • At 3:58 PM , Blogger Shaoran said...

    Weh!! there must be something that you ate that make you almost like 'food poison' or dehydration.. maybe? Well too bad kurou... good thing you're better now.. anywayz.. don't feel bad about the injection.. it wasn't really that bad.. hehe.. well I'm a nursing student.. so hospitals are my next home.. hehe..

    I hope you feel better now.. :D


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