Complicated much...

Upbeat: Final Symphony - Kyosuke Kagami of RS/PJ

Stuff at GSG just happened recently and my friend got involved, not in the spamming but in the banning. No one even checked about my friend's whereabouts those days. He's not even part of the people who was involved in the...uh...issue although he did manage to spam a bit. Even then, Urumi said that...uh...I forgot what I was about to say. Ah heck with it....

Oh and I found my answer~


Hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu no hambaagaa.
Yottsu, itsutsu, muttsu no hambaagaa.
Nanatsu, yattsu, kokonotsu no hambaagaa.
Too no hambaagaa.

Musha, musha, musha, musha, hambaagaa wa oishii.
Musha, musha, musha, musha, hambaagaa wa oishii.
Musha, musha, musha, musha, hambaagaa wa oishii.
Hambaagaa wa oishii nee.


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Upbeat: Sanshin Waza Korefutatsu - Iori Yagami of KoF fame
Rhythm: Monster Radio RX 93.1

For the first one:

Happy Birthday to my sister and to Curt~

For the second one:

I don't know what to do anymore. My forums feel so slow when it comes to new posts and messages and I can't find anything to do anymore. deviantART doesn't want to load up in my computer either. Something about my internet.

For the third one:

Anybody remembers the numbering in Japanese that ends with ~tsu?

1. Hitotsu
2. Futatsu
3. ???

And so on.

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The Theory of Spam

Upbeat: 127 Shiki: Aoi Hana - Iori Yagami of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Someday - Nina

Spam. It's the most common thing I hear nowadays among forums. Too bad the floobles don't get the same treatment. *pokes Sean*

Then, there was this stupid issue about someone posing as somebody else in a chatbox. What? Did he really think he'd be able to bring down the name of people just by that cbox? I guess it didn't occur to him that the people in the forum already knew each other.

Biking is not as a good exercise in a short period of time. Often, you'd be doing nothing other than steering and feeling the breeze when you're moving. Uphill slopes strain the legs too much too. Walking is a much better work out unless you are able to bike for really long periods of time...which is unlikely for me.

I didn't go to gym today though. I went to school for something to be done (and in a really short time). Soon, I was hanging out with Urumi who just woke up. I guess, I really just like to hang out and talk for no reason at all.

CvS Kyosuke is a pain in the arse to use. His high launcher is too short for range. He doesn't have a very good priority in most of his attacks. He's hard to use for combos. I swear, he pales in comparison over his original self. I still use him though. Usually, however, it's Iori who saves the day.

There is this first time I was able to defeat Mukai without any of my characters, Ash, Kyo and Iori, getting killed. Actually, it's also the first time I didn't use Kyo against him at all. Usually, he's my trump card although I found Oniyaki to be working fine as well. While it's not the first time I killed Mukai using a different roster (Ash Team: I took advantage of Duo Lon's teleport and invincibility frames), I did manage to kill him off another roster using Malin, K' and Iori (Urumi's usual lineup).

If Mukai didn't have a projectile that can pass through DMs, invincibility frames and autoguard, he'd probably be easier to beat than Adel. His priority is messed up though and his block stance is screwed as well. What is that animation anyway, a standing block or a crouching block? Anyway, for now, the one way to defeat Mukai that I can think of are spamming DMs, mid-low attack mixups, attacking while he's getting up, and a waiting game...which is quite a lot, actually.

The only reason why I can kill Adel is because the AI sucks when it comes to spamming Ash' Ventoses. Otherwise, he's a much bigger pain to try and take him down because of his fast movements, high jumps and oh so powerful DMs. I swear...stop jumping around demmit! If I had Ash, of course, I could beat him single-handedly.

While I can beat Chizuru using Ash, I haven't actually tried using Ash against her sister.

I'm not sure what to get for my sister for her birthday.

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Upbeat: Straight Slicer - Blue Mary of Garou fame
Rhythm: Splendid Evil - The King of Fighters 2003

An hour late and the cashier wasted 10 minutes of my life. I had my eyes...uh...examined in the hospital and left me around 2 hours waiting. The test left my site a little blurry, or somewhere around that thought. With my glasses on, I could at least see most everything around me except when it's nearby. From that point on, I need to take off my glases just so I could focus. There is still a little distance though that was blurry with or without my glasses.

Also, having my last eye test (a "picture taking" for the eyes) left me sensitive to light. I got in a jeep and everything around me seems to emit more light than usual. When I got to dim areas, everything went darker than usual. I think I still have it now although to a much lesser extent.

So I DID ride a jeep attempting to get to school in spite of commuting for the first time to school without the use of the trains. That was the second time I commuted with limited knowledge around the area (first being, taking the FX towards Liu's place). I ended up a lot further than my destination than I expected. Passed by Quirino Ave. then Harrison Plaza. When I got to Ocampo Street(?) good thing I recognized the name and decided to go straight to where I think CSB is. I found the arcade in UM, fortunately, and like I said before, everything was dark... >_<

And everything was late. I decided I shouldn't go to school anymore. Oh fine. I was playing PJ when some drunken arsehole attacked a good CvS2 gamer for losing. All of us in the arcade were like WTF! They were even fighting right behind me and the woman in charge of the tokens was panicking and screaming outside for help. I swear! Even if I lose badly, I hell don't attack a person for a game (although I would drain all my money just to try to get even). I swear people are stupid.

And McDonald's need more apple pies.

So how was Ghost Rider?

"Mary Dynamite Swinging!"
-Blue Mary

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Upbeat: M. Dynamite Swing - Blue Mary of Garou fame

Blue Mary is easy enough to use--still can't seem to do her M. Real Counter though.
I am THIS CLOSE to beating Mukai again. 'effing Mukai.
Text-based KoF wars. I warned ya!
I need new icons.

Things to do tomorrow:
1. Buy Bristleboard--How many? I dunno and I forgot.
2. Get L.O.A. for my doctor's visit this Saturday
3. Visit an Ophthometrist--I need new glasses
4. Lose weight for once...
5. Something...

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Back to normal...

Upbeat: Sans Cullotes LDM - Ash Crimson of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Alone - Shimokawa Mikuni

...of being bored. Another day of being alone because most if not all of them are out to Shang. I'd go if I didn't have my dentist appointment today. On a good note though, the dentist said that I'll only need a few more appointments and then I can finally take these braces off. Retainers are a different story, however.

It's cool that I found Shadow of the Giant--although hardbound--in National Bookstore in Katipunan. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't next in line to Shadow of the Hegemon--Shadow Puppets comes first. Also, it cost over a thousand. That will take me a long while till I finally buy that. I'm getting Xenocide first since it's the only copy I found in Fully Booked, Gateway. I wish I find Speaker for the Dead though.

First time I actually advanced in SVC's other levels using Kyo although dying against Violent Ken and, later, Shin Gouki. Jump in C, Close C, f + B, Dokugami chain, I can do it now although I tend to forget to use it during or after the third stage. Also kudos to Saku for teaching me how to wash, rinse and repeat--Aragami_Dokugami cancelling, that is. xD

For a character who requires no losses and Exceed victories for all three stages before the midboss fight, Zero sure is easy to beat.

"At the rate you're growing lately, we'd have to pay for new ones too often, and you'd bankrupt us."
-Peter "Locke" Wiggin

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"Free Flowing"

Upbeat: R.E.D. Kick - Kyo Kusanagi of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Yukino Miyazawa V (Nocturne) - Kare Kano

The EB was fun! It was the first time I met with the actual GSG group members (besides Charles, Urumi and Yuki) and most, if not all, of them are Philosophical, i.e. pilosopo. I spent most of my time on food and transportation. I couldn't even resist getting my hands on Ender's Shadow~ That's over 900 PhP down the drain but I swear, Orson Scott Card's books are hard to find.

On a side note, how can you combo into Kyo's 75 Shiki Kai? Also, is there any use to his D version of Hikigane?

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World in Peace?

Upbeat: The Dokugami Chain - Kusanagi Kyo of KoF Fame
Rhythm: World in Peace - Kare Kano

"The polar ice caps are melting. The climate is changing. People blame global warming."


What the hell? You mean to tell my that all those times of being the great Full Botanical Alchemist, Johan Schelzwich, they haven't been listening to me at all?? Save the trees, demmit. Or as PseudoShintoGuy would say, "Save the Signposts!" xD

I've been getting home rather late lately (lol pun). I'd probably leave an hour or so after my dismissal, all because I can't even leave my conversation cut. Waai!! I have been talking as if I was deprived of speech and it all started on Wednesday last week with Urumi. I couldn't stop talking and it even continued with Liu and Kris Gomez on the train! xD Yeah! I feel stress-free whenever I talk so long, although I do fear people might get annoyed at me though...

Kare Kano~ I miss those series. I ended up borrowing the compilation my cousins have and started on a marathon. How I wish it continued to another season. The story gets good but I don't have manga scans of the following events. I also wish for their soundtracks. It's all so good but I haven't got enough money.

Speaking of money, I'll be going to MoA tomorrow. And then probably on the following week (or at least near there). Lol~ And the first time I went there was last week!

Also about money, I really can't take my hands off pens, pencils, sketch pads, notebooks, erasers, cutters and scissors, now do I? Our Freehand Drawing subject gives me lots to learn about sketching. I even learned how to sharpen my pencil properly using the cutter~ As if my creativity wasn't trained enough, I still have the Concepts of Designing subject right after. Not to mention, I had been writing a script for a story like Raz advised me to.

Elections...why does the world have to be "more Politics, less Governance?" Stupid people and their quest for power. I feel Peter Wiggin (Ender's Game) being right about his statement. Too bad I don't have my book with me right now and quote it. The earth is soooo screwed.

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