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Upbeat: Sans Cullotes LDM - Ash Crimson of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Alone - Shimokawa Mikuni

...of being bored. Another day of being alone because most if not all of them are out to Shang. I'd go if I didn't have my dentist appointment today. On a good note though, the dentist said that I'll only need a few more appointments and then I can finally take these braces off. Retainers are a different story, however.

It's cool that I found Shadow of the Giant--although hardbound--in National Bookstore in Katipunan. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't next in line to Shadow of the Hegemon--Shadow Puppets comes first. Also, it cost over a thousand. That will take me a long while till I finally buy that. I'm getting Xenocide first since it's the only copy I found in Fully Booked, Gateway. I wish I find Speaker for the Dead though.

First time I actually advanced in SVC's other levels using Kyo although dying against Violent Ken and, later, Shin Gouki. Jump in C, Close C, f + B, Dokugami chain, I can do it now although I tend to forget to use it during or after the third stage. Also kudos to Saku for teaching me how to wash, rinse and repeat--Aragami_Dokugami cancelling, that is. xD

For a character who requires no losses and Exceed victories for all three stages before the midboss fight, Zero sure is easy to beat.

"At the rate you're growing lately, we'd have to pay for new ones too often, and you'd bankrupt us."
-Peter "Locke" Wiggin

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