Upbeat: Straight Slicer - Blue Mary of Garou fame
Rhythm: Splendid Evil - The King of Fighters 2003

An hour late and the cashier wasted 10 minutes of my life. I had my eyes...uh...examined in the hospital and left me around 2 hours waiting. The test left my site a little blurry, or somewhere around that thought. With my glasses on, I could at least see most everything around me except when it's nearby. From that point on, I need to take off my glases just so I could focus. There is still a little distance though that was blurry with or without my glasses.

Also, having my last eye test (a "picture taking" for the eyes) left me sensitive to light. I got in a jeep and everything around me seems to emit more light than usual. When I got to dim areas, everything went darker than usual. I think I still have it now although to a much lesser extent.

So I DID ride a jeep attempting to get to school in spite of commuting for the first time to school without the use of the trains. That was the second time I commuted with limited knowledge around the area (first being, taking the FX towards Liu's place). I ended up a lot further than my destination than I expected. Passed by Quirino Ave. then Harrison Plaza. When I got to Ocampo Street(?) good thing I recognized the name and decided to go straight to where I think CSB is. I found the arcade in UM, fortunately, and like I said before, everything was dark... >_<

And everything was late. I decided I shouldn't go to school anymore. Oh fine. I was playing PJ when some drunken arsehole attacked a good CvS2 gamer for losing. All of us in the arcade were like WTF! They were even fighting right behind me and the woman in charge of the tokens was panicking and screaming outside for help. I swear! Even if I lose badly, I hell don't attack a person for a game (although I would drain all my money just to try to get even). I swear people are stupid.

And McDonald's need more apple pies.

So how was Ghost Rider?

"Mary Dynamite Swinging!"
-Blue Mary

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