"Free Flowing"

Upbeat: R.E.D. Kick - Kyo Kusanagi of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Yukino Miyazawa V (Nocturne) - Kare Kano

The EB was fun! It was the first time I met with the actual GSG group members (besides Charles, Urumi and Yuki) and most, if not all, of them are Philosophical, i.e. pilosopo. I spent most of my time on food and transportation. I couldn't even resist getting my hands on Ender's Shadow~ That's over 900 PhP down the drain but I swear, Orson Scott Card's books are hard to find.

On a side note, how can you combo into Kyo's 75 Shiki Kai? Also, is there any use to his D version of Hikigane?

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  • At 8:09 PM , Anonymous urumi said...

    Orson Scott Card's books are considered rare here. He was once included in our list of book reports, but the professor had to scratch his name off the list because its hard to find his works.

    Xenocide and Shadow Puppets were in the list. Too bad... I haven't read any of his books.


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