Upbeat: Sanshin Waza Korefutatsu - Iori Yagami of KoF fame
Rhythm: Monster Radio RX 93.1

For the first one:

Happy Birthday to my sister and to Curt~

For the second one:

I don't know what to do anymore. My forums feel so slow when it comes to new posts and messages and I can't find anything to do anymore. deviantART doesn't want to load up in my computer either. Something about my internet.

For the third one:

Anybody remembers the numbering in Japanese that ends with ~tsu?

1. Hitotsu
2. Futatsu
3. ???

And so on.

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  • At 11:13 AM , Anonymous urumi said...

    Happy birthday to Ueno's sister. LOL~ Sorry I can't help with the Japanese numbering thingy~ >_<


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