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Spam. It's the most common thing I hear nowadays among forums. Too bad the floobles don't get the same treatment. *pokes Sean*

Then, there was this stupid issue about someone posing as somebody else in a chatbox. What? Did he really think he'd be able to bring down the name of people just by that cbox? I guess it didn't occur to him that the people in the forum already knew each other.

Biking is not as a good exercise in a short period of time. Often, you'd be doing nothing other than steering and feeling the breeze when you're moving. Uphill slopes strain the legs too much too. Walking is a much better work out unless you are able to bike for really long periods of time...which is unlikely for me.

I didn't go to gym today though. I went to school for something to be done (and in a really short time). Soon, I was hanging out with Urumi who just woke up. I guess, I really just like to hang out and talk for no reason at all.

CvS Kyosuke is a pain in the arse to use. His high launcher is too short for range. He doesn't have a very good priority in most of his attacks. He's hard to use for combos. I swear, he pales in comparison over his original self. I still use him though. Usually, however, it's Iori who saves the day.

There is this first time I was able to defeat Mukai without any of my characters, Ash, Kyo and Iori, getting killed. Actually, it's also the first time I didn't use Kyo against him at all. Usually, he's my trump card although I found Oniyaki to be working fine as well. While it's not the first time I killed Mukai using a different roster (Ash Team: I took advantage of Duo Lon's teleport and invincibility frames), I did manage to kill him off another roster using Malin, K' and Iori (Urumi's usual lineup).

If Mukai didn't have a projectile that can pass through DMs, invincibility frames and autoguard, he'd probably be easier to beat than Adel. His priority is messed up though and his block stance is screwed as well. What is that animation anyway, a standing block or a crouching block? Anyway, for now, the one way to defeat Mukai that I can think of are spamming DMs, mid-low attack mixups, attacking while he's getting up, and a waiting game...which is quite a lot, actually.

The only reason why I can kill Adel is because the AI sucks when it comes to spamming Ash' Ventoses. Otherwise, he's a much bigger pain to try and take him down because of his fast movements, high jumps and oh so powerful DMs. I swear...stop jumping around demmit! If I had Ash, of course, I could beat him single-handedly.

While I can beat Chizuru using Ash, I haven't actually tried using Ash against her sister.

I'm not sure what to get for my sister for her birthday.

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