World in Peace?

Upbeat: The Dokugami Chain - Kusanagi Kyo of KoF Fame
Rhythm: World in Peace - Kare Kano

"The polar ice caps are melting. The climate is changing. People blame global warming."


What the hell? You mean to tell my that all those times of being the great Full Botanical Alchemist, Johan Schelzwich, they haven't been listening to me at all?? Save the trees, demmit. Or as PseudoShintoGuy would say, "Save the Signposts!" xD

I've been getting home rather late lately (lol pun). I'd probably leave an hour or so after my dismissal, all because I can't even leave my conversation cut. Waai!! I have been talking as if I was deprived of speech and it all started on Wednesday last week with Urumi. I couldn't stop talking and it even continued with Liu and Kris Gomez on the train! xD Yeah! I feel stress-free whenever I talk so long, although I do fear people might get annoyed at me though...

Kare Kano~ I miss those series. I ended up borrowing the compilation my cousins have and started on a marathon. How I wish it continued to another season. The story gets good but I don't have manga scans of the following events. I also wish for their soundtracks. It's all so good but I haven't got enough money.

Speaking of money, I'll be going to MoA tomorrow. And then probably on the following week (or at least near there). Lol~ And the first time I went there was last week!

Also about money, I really can't take my hands off pens, pencils, sketch pads, notebooks, erasers, cutters and scissors, now do I? Our Freehand Drawing subject gives me lots to learn about sketching. I even learned how to sharpen my pencil properly using the cutter~ As if my creativity wasn't trained enough, I still have the Concepts of Designing subject right after. Not to mention, I had been writing a script for a story like Raz advised me to.

Elections...why does the world have to be "more Politics, less Governance?" Stupid people and their quest for power. I feel Peter Wiggin (Ender's Game) being right about his statement. Too bad I don't have my book with me right now and quote it. The earth is soooo screwed.

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  • At 10:57 PM , Anonymous urumi said...

    Wai! Sorry for always holding you back almost everyday. -__-; Ahuhuhu! Nee nee Koko DS, I'm glad (really) you feel stress-free whenever you talk... It's really okay with me. I'm not annoyed or anything. LOL. In fact, I do enjoy the times when you talk. LOL. Time flies soooo fast, and ... yeah I do feel relieved whenever I listen. So don't think about me getting annoyed at least. ^___^v

    Oh, again... Thanks for coming to the gathering. ^^v

  • At 12:07 PM , Blogger Ueno said...

    Haha~ No. It's okay. I needed to express myself anyway~ (^^)d


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