Long time

Upbeat: Trap Shot - King of Ryuuko no Ken
Rhythm: Aoi Field - COACH*

My weekend seemed longer than usual. Was it because I officially started it on a Friday? Could it be the time I went to work on ANKi's DesCha Wiki? Was it because my cousins had lunch with us on Sunday? Was it the "Bible: Fiction or Not" thread in the RagnaBoards before it got closed by the mods? *shrug* It just seemed longer than usual.

I definitely had fun yesterday with King and Kyo. I kind of missed King's Trap Shot. Also, I could do her B version Tornado Kick > Silent Slash DM combo now. Kyo just rocks. I somehow SC'ed 75 Shiki Kai > Hikigane into an Orochi Nagi instead of 182 Shiki. Surprisingly, it still worked. Speaking of Orochi Nagi, I kind of missed his Orochi Nagi SDM so I used him in CvS. I never thought I'd do well with him in the game~

Watched a part of Saving Private Ryan yesterday too. First it was Braveheart. Now this. There even was a War thread going on in the Ragnaboards. War here, war there. And I even read Shadow of the Hegemon a month ago. Everything's about war now. Hmm...

"The sky's the langit"
-Jokes R' US, Ragnaboards

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