Oil, Sweat and Dirt

Upbeat: Withering Surface - Vice of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Beautiful Liar - Beyonce & Shakira

Too early is right. I came in around 8:30 and by 9 they still weren't there. It wasn't until an hour later 'til I found a few guys in my block. A few practices after that then I escaped and broke free from the group at lunch break.

I met Jake around after my lunch. He beat my Axl using Anji Mito. The game was a bit close too--if only Axl could counter Anji's overdrive. xD Since someone was whoring the CvS2 machine, I turned to CvS1. Still very little luck getting to the final stage. I did, however, showed Jake the evils of SNK groove as shown to me by Khan and the computer-controlled Ryu...(Shinkuu Hadouken / Ya Sakazuki SDM > Ya Otome SDM) times God knows how many~

I had to cut somewhere in the middle though and give the game and a token to Jake since my group's been calling me nonstop. A few more practices and adlibs here and there until we finally got to the real presentations. On a side note, I'd probably get nominated for being the best performing actor. xD Good thing no splinters~~

Again no luck getting to the final stage in CvS2 although I did trash Mukai (KoF) again earlier. I didn't get a haircut either...

"Mangetsu yori ni mata ao ka?"

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