Upbeat: Lightning Upper - Kyosuke Kagami of RS/PJ
Rhythm: Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore

Darn. I was so busy plotting for world domination last Wednesday night that I didn't realize what time it was. I ended up having to sleep for 3 or 4 hours as a result. But I swear I am going to pummel the Persians down to the ground! Just give me time to find Iron and Rubber resource squares and the technology advance for German Panzers...

Yesterday was a happy day~ We went to Ayala Museum for a little field trip for our DESPRIN. My classmate and I were the noisiest bunch in the group. I swear I couldn't stop laughing!! ALAMAT NG PAOTSIN!! BWAHAHAHAHA! I swear it reminds me of Sean's Beowulf Essay which I still haven't found after all these years and save into my hard disk...where is that post anyway?

Anyway, the painted BMWs were amusing. It's freaky though having learned that touching the cars would cause the the Germans to track me down to the ends of the earth. o_O Then we moved on to the fourth floor and gradually going down back to the first. No wonder the museum was familiar...I knew I've seen the Philippine History gallery before.

I can't go to Khan's invitation to Rika's house later. Dem classes...

I want guitar lessons!! ;o;

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