War? Dar!

Upbeat: Death Row - Mature of KoF fame
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I've been watching three war movies lately. First Braveheart, then Saving Private Ryan. Not only that, I had to make a small phenomenological essay about war for our Philosophy class, had read about war from the forums, had read about war from my Scott Card books, and had realized about the on-going wars of everyday life, both literally and figuratively.

The 300 was the last movie I watched (although I haven't even finished Saving Private Ryan). Only Sean and I came last night. I even had to walk all the way since I stopped by at Shang by mistake. Lol~ At least I got to finish Akira's and Kyosuke's RS story and played a little KoF 2k2 in the meantime. Too bad Khan had practice, Jake made a disappearing act, Rika was busy, Liu and R2 couldn't go and I have no idea about the others...

The movie was milder than I expected it to be. Braveheart was more brutal in my opinion. I also apologize to the couple in front of us for my tendency of "indigestion" on movies and not shutting up. That's all I gotta say about the movie...for now.

黒曜石 ... It's harder to think of (Apollyon's) move names than I thought I would.

...I miss Mature....

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