Upbeat: Genocide Heaven - Rugal of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Broken Sonnet - Hale

Belated Happy Birthday Kang and Advanced Happy Birthday Rika.

Tonight, I am going to the US and I hate planes and Hilary Duff's new song. /random

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Game Analysis:
Team Composition:
- King > Ratio 1
- Rugal > Ratio 1
- Iori > Ratio 2
- N Groove

Behavioral Settings:
- King > Projectile Scrub / Mirage Kick_Surprise Rose Corner Combo
- Rugal > Projectile Scrub (Kaiser Wave) / Genocide Cutter Spam
- Iori > Turtle / Roll_Oniyaki/Aoi Hana Spam / Ya Otome (S)DM Spam

Notable Opponents:
- Zangief
- Raiden
- Bison/Vega
- Ultimate/God Rugal

Final Statistics:
- Final Score Achieved > 1700+
- Kaiser Wave countered with Ya Otome DM

System Analysis
Loading Time - Exceeding Stress Limit
Number of Resets - Granules
System Restoration - Positive

Final Analysis...

...screwy computer!

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I need critics!!

Upbeat: Aeroga Sleight - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Rhythm: I Will - Sowelu

I'm working on a project and, unfortunately, I couldn't get into dA ever since we got an auto-dialer for our DSL. Please help me on this one.

Yeah it's an oekaki done on MSPaint and it's not finished but yeah. Do you think I got my proportions and perspective correct?

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Upbeat: Nivose - Ash Crimson of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Hikari - Utada Hikaru

Nice Dream~

We got a 96 for our presentation? o_O

I miss Pangya~ That's why I played it just a while ago in Netopia! *squee* It's just funny how my character could play in the icy cold blizzard when he's wearing this:

xD I so miss Pangya~ Dem Level Up! Games...

I wish it was summer already. Finals in college sure is getting a little hectic than usual.

Strong rain at Recto today. I would have wished it was in our place but then again...

Some guy manage to steal me boss fights in KoF 2k3 today. As I said earlier, I'm better at exploiting computer AIs (although takes me a long time) than playing versus battles. Still, I could have beaten Maki, Mukai and even Adel with more ease than that guy did (he lost against both final bosses...).

I have no idea I could easily copy and sketch Daisuke and his spikey hair that easily. o_O Now I want to copy Roxas! xD

Powered Akira and Wild Daigo aren't unlocked anymore. T_T Stupid PJ machine that won't let me unlock other characters...

Vexen in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is surprisingly easy to beat. Maleficent is a little tougher. Hook is annoying. Ursula is also surprisingly easy (although I did die against her through sheer carelessness). 100 Acre Wood is...well, 100 Acre Wood.

Guile is NOT Ash Crimson. >_<

It's amazing that I can do a lot of things in 5's no wonder I'm bored...

Edit: I think this post has the most tags I ever had...

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Highly Volatile

Upbeat: Blitz - Sora of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Rhythm: The Fourth Avenue Cafe

Why do extremely boring days seem very long and tedious? Boredom just gets me highly irritable nowadays. There's seemingly nothing to do and lying all day's just cramping my posture. I swear, today's just making me fatter than ever. Darn food...and I still have this project to finish. Annoying CSS and HTML that doesn't work when you need it to be...

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Big Fat Chain

Upbeat: Roxas
Rhythm: Passion - Utada Hikaru

Yeah. I'm not suppose to be online right now but since I am, I might as well~

Ever since I got my hands on KH2 and my eyes on Chain of Memories, KH became my fave. I tried looking for a COM ROM too. Now I'm playing it. The Card System is trickier than I thought. I always run out of them. Not to mention, I think I have the wrong arrangement of the deck. Also, I did get my hands on a Cloud card but it always ends up getting broken by numerous powerful others. So much for that. Still fun though~

Last night, I got a massive headache. I dunno what happened to that though. I seem to be a lot better now.

"I guess my summer vacation is over"

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Hard day

Upbeat: Roxas
Rhythm: Passion - Utada Hikaru

Since coming from my overnight stay at my classmate's house, I was really tired. Besides the annoying web design project we were doing, I got pooped out with our Season 2 Gokusen Live-Action the other night and the fact that I actually played Kingdom Hearts 2 for the first time. I dunno. I seem to like playing Roxas than I do with Sora.

Meanwhile, yesterday, we ended up having to go party at my cousin's house for the afternoon. I've noticed I've been eating a little less lately. All I ate was (technically) a bowl of rice and some barbeque. Then I headed up and watched. Their DVD player isn't really working much for "John Tucker Must Die." I ended up sleeping for the rest of the afternoon instead. We left to Sta. Lucia afterwards. I went straight home though. I said I was gonna finish the project.

My computer is effed up... It's really stressing me out. Wasn't Dreamweaver formerly a very user-friendly program? What the f* just happened to this one then? Why the hell is this CD not working in my computer? What the f* happened and the file that I sent to myself had a virus? @%$#!@$#@!$#%@&@#&#^*@#$%@*@#&$%!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONE

So instead, I went to Liu's house to celebrate his brother's birthday. I expected as much. I was the only one besides his gf there. It was worth it anyway. After a few hours, I managed to get myself borrowing Genshiken book 4-6 as well as play Audition for the first time. I miss playing PangYa though. PANGYA!

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