Upbeat: Nivose - Ash Crimson of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Hikari - Utada Hikaru

Nice Dream~

We got a 96 for our presentation? o_O

I miss Pangya~ That's why I played it just a while ago in Netopia! *squee* It's just funny how my character could play in the icy cold blizzard when he's wearing this:

xD I so miss Pangya~ Dem Level Up! Games...

I wish it was summer already. Finals in college sure is getting a little hectic than usual.

Strong rain at Recto today. I would have wished it was in our place but then again...

Some guy manage to steal me boss fights in KoF 2k3 today. As I said earlier, I'm better at exploiting computer AIs (although takes me a long time) than playing versus battles. Still, I could have beaten Maki, Mukai and even Adel with more ease than that guy did (he lost against both final bosses...).

I have no idea I could easily copy and sketch Daisuke and his spikey hair that easily. o_O Now I want to copy Roxas! xD

Powered Akira and Wild Daigo aren't unlocked anymore. T_T Stupid PJ machine that won't let me unlock other characters...

Vexen in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is surprisingly easy to beat. Maleficent is a little tougher. Hook is annoying. Ursula is also surprisingly easy (although I did die against her through sheer carelessness). 100 Acre Wood is...well, 100 Acre Wood.

Guile is NOT Ash Crimson. >_<

It's amazing that I can do a lot of things in 5's no wonder I'm bored...

Edit: I think this post has the most tags I ever had...

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