Hard day

Upbeat: Roxas
Rhythm: Passion - Utada Hikaru

Since coming from my overnight stay at my classmate's house, I was really tired. Besides the annoying web design project we were doing, I got pooped out with our Season 2 Gokusen Live-Action the other night and the fact that I actually played Kingdom Hearts 2 for the first time. I dunno. I seem to like playing Roxas than I do with Sora.

Meanwhile, yesterday, we ended up having to go party at my cousin's house for the afternoon. I've noticed I've been eating a little less lately. All I ate was (technically) a bowl of rice and some barbeque. Then I headed up and watched. Their DVD player isn't really working much for "John Tucker Must Die." I ended up sleeping for the rest of the afternoon instead. We left to Sta. Lucia afterwards. I went straight home though. I said I was gonna finish the project.

My computer is effed up... It's really stressing me out. Wasn't Dreamweaver formerly a very user-friendly program? What the f* just happened to this one then? Why the hell is this CD not working in my computer? What the f* happened and the file that I sent to myself had a virus? @%$#!@$#@!$#%@&@#&#^*@#$%@*@#&$%!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONE

So instead, I went to Liu's house to celebrate his brother's birthday. I expected as much. I was the only one besides his gf there. It was worth it anyway. After a few hours, I managed to get myself borrowing Genshiken book 4-6 as well as play Audition for the first time. I miss playing PangYa though. PANGYA!

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  • At 7:56 PM , Anonymous urumi said...

    Don't overdo yourself.

    What version of Dreamweaver do you have anyway? version MX to 8 is still user-friendly.

  • At 5:14 PM , Blogger Ueno said...

    8 and I like MX better

  • At 5:43 PM , Anonymous urumi said...

    This is late, but what the heck... Dreamweaver 8.

    Once you find the page properties, the rest is going to be pretty easy. The icons are really small (drat), especially the edit button. But all can be found on the upper right-hand or left-hand side of your screen.

    I got used to MX too, but Itachi-nii's Dreamweaver is version 8 so I got a brief shot at it.


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