Upbeat: Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi - Kyo of KoF Fame
Rhythm: Sootopolis City - Pokémon Emerald

Uh, that's my current Yahoo status message...

I woke up thinking that it was Thursday or Friday although I did soon realize what day it really is today. I dunno. I think it was part of my dream or something. Also, I found myself without a big appetite and when I drank water, I felt like I was sick, which I'm not, besides having to wet my hanky full of nose goo which started yesterday for some reason.

On the other hand, I managed to get all my captured Pokémon in LeafGreen to level 20 or so. Now I'm facing a dilemma on which pokémon to use the Flash HM with...

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I've been itching to say this since last night.

Upbeat: Shadow Cut Kick - Kyosuke Kagami of RJ/PJ

Seriously Wikipedia, you'll be the end of me.

Edit: What the...?! Blogger (when I'm not yet redirected) is in tagalog now?!

"Yes, God could make a sandwich so big that even he couldn't finish it, and then he would finish it anyway."
-Gertrude Yorkes, Runaways (Marvel Comics)




Upbeat: Rising Tackle - Terry Bogard/Rock Howard, both of Garou fame
Rhythm: Umbrella - Rihanna

I have my thoughts and I'm not sure what to prioritize. I've been thinking of saving up for a scanner, a new computer, or a bunch of comics (although I'm pretty sure I'm gonna leave the comics to last place).

Speaking of a scanner, couldn't the guys in Netopia fix the way they scan images? Now Franklin's right shoe gets cut.

Also for today, I met a totally new stranger striving to defeat Vatsu in the Burning Batsu side of the Taiyou Storyline in PJ. He lost a lot of times although I did manage to get a few things out of him. Soon, I showed him what I can do playing the Seijyun Storyline and unlocking the Powered Akira side of the story. He's pretty impressed even though he once played it in Dreamcast. When we both left the arcade, he introduced himself and I did likewise.

It's rare that I actually get to know someone's name on our first meeting. Normally I'd learn them after hearing them from other people. I don't even introduce myself often as other people seem to learn my name one way or the other... o_O

Also, my fantasies are going overboard again.

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Comic spree?

Rhythm: Umbrella - Rihanna

I've been hit by the comicbook addiction courtesy of my library's collection of hardbound comic volumes, the comics I bought from the US, and Wikipedia. I was wondering which one I would be settling for but I do have my eyes on Fantastic Four and Power Pack lately. So far, I'm a bit of a Marvel boy but probably only because I have less knowledge on DC's fictional history.

I still have to worry about money though. *laugh*




Rhythm: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

Fantastic Four? Spider Man? Victor Von Doom? Franklin Richards? Power Pack?!!!

I don't know anymore. T_T

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A million times over and over again.

Upbeat: Shi o Osorenu Kokoro Nari - Hibiki Takane of The Last Blade
Rhythm: Speed of Sound - Coldplay

This is a little weird. Lance (a friend) could defeat my team which may or may not include Kyosuke. However, Arvin (Sta. Rosa) can defeat Lance at times. However, whenever I fight Arvin with Kyosuke, I almost always manage to beat him...

I was expecting Casingal to come and challenge me but he didn't show up. Instead, Jake challenged me again. Shotokans. I should have expected that. For some reason though, I never got the hang of using shotokans besides Ryo Sakazaki, and I'm still not good with him. Must be their fruit cake.

Terry (CPU): Power Wave, Burning Knuckle
Iori (Me): *blocks first hit* Asobi wa owari da!
Seriously, I'm beginning to understand most of the AI in CvS now.

Also, I still hate Shin Gouki/Akuma.

It looks like my "training" in CvS got carried over to KoF. It looks like I am now able to chain a normal into another, something I'm having a hard time to do in KoF 2003 (since they changed the buffering system in that game). I have to readjust myself to KoF's AI though Adel is still easy to beat using Ash and Mukai still falls for the Aragami chain when he's in the corner.


On a different note, it seems like the people whom I clash in forums all turn out to be female...still, seriously, they could have at least rephrased their posts. -_-

I tried Pirate King in Netopia yesterday. It was...well, still like RO, only making use of 3D sprites instead of 2D ones. Bad thing was, it's so damn laggy, I can't move properly. Must be Netopia. Sorry Liu but they don't have Granado Espada on their computers. Maybe when I visit you some time.

I am still not sure whether or not to go to the Eiga-sai next Saturday. I still have to check my schedule. As for a Wednesday, I can't since I have classes early in the morning. If I do, though, I could give Rika the ones I got from the US.

I am trying to change my artwork style so I've been meaning to borrow (Marvel) comics from our library lately. Ultimately, I always end up doing the same style I've been doing years ago. -_-

The Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM Twilight Town (Vexen's Death) cutscene dialogue is still stuck in my head. (I was bored so I wrote it down. Also, I believe this is the first time I ever introduced my other-other blog in LJ).

I'm still not doing my job in college properly. 'nuff said.

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Upbeat: Shi o Osorenu Kokoro Nari - Hibiki Takane of The Last Blade
Rhythm: Lazy Afternoons - Kingdom Hearts

I realized that I have quite some likings to the Hibikis I know so far. *laugh*

1. Ryoga Hibiki of Ranma 1/2
- Crazy misdirections plus cool moves, and he's got personality, whether introvertness towards the opposite sex or his plain badass-ness towards other guys. Also, I like his arsenal of weapons--it's much more hidden than Mousse's. xD

2. Hibiki Tokai of Vandread
- My favorite male lead in Vandread mainly because, there are only 4 known male characters in Vandread. *laugh* Anyway, it's funny how oblivious he is towards women's affection *coughDitacough* but I can't blame him for growing up in a masculine world.

3. Ran Hibiki of Rival Schools
- A camera, a paper fan, oh hell yeah! This is one "serious" journalist who could pack a punch--or rather slap you with with a bunch of magazines at random times. This is one fun gal if you ask me. Still, I just wonder how she chip off damage using a camera flash and all...

4. Dan Hibiki of Street Fighter
- Though I find the taunts funny, I like this guy mostly because his presence usually means a free win~ xD

5. Hibiki Takane of The Last Blade
- Here's my new "crush" for the moment. Honestly, Capcom's rendition of her in CvS is awesome. She's got a badass moveset, particularly her supers. Gawd, I just love it when she does the samurai poses as she slashes her opponents around. She also is the only character I seem to abuse normals so much as she pokes very well. Can't say much about her in the original Last Blade series though. I haven't played that yet. *poke*




I'm bored so I actually took the liberty of "writing down" the conversation between Axel, Vexen and Sora (actually, less Sora) in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.



School Alraydi?

Upbeat: Kiba from Naruto
Rhythm: My Sacrifice - Creed

Yep. Back to the dreaded school hours yesterday and, as expected, missed a lot after a week of absence. On the side note, I get to be on the new building. On the other hand, the door to the stairs on the first floor is closed, many people wait at the lobby just for the elevators to come down/up, the aircon isn't as cold, and the desk on certain rooms aren't exactly what I would want them to be, particulary, there isn't any armrest at all! ZOMGnoarmrests!!

It's the morning classes that are very boring then it becomes interesting later on to the point that my PE every Monday, in spite of the time slot, is Arnis~ Not like the sessions Khan though but a few basic footwork and stances, I think. Then comes to a point that I wasn't able to shut up and now my coach ask me if I could ask friends to show a little demonstration for our class if ever. ... Actually, I just wanna ask where you get the sticks and how much (I get 10 points for owning one =3).

Then, I'm also back to arcade whoring. I never got to Shin Gouki/God Rugal recently though I did manage to defeat Gouki. I did my Kyosuke surprisingly well against him. Rock also held on well to the point that I managed to perfect him with Iori. Also, more Project Justice and KoF whorings. Still not good with Jhun Hoon and Duo Lon for me. I am also the only one my friend knows how to do extra hits for Yurika's combo...if I manage to time it right.

Jake also came in by surprise too. He's improved a lot in his PJ gameplay to the point that I thought he was playing Tekken. xD Can't do that in my entire life--I totally suck at versus mode on most games. He also whooped my first team on CvS although I did comment Kyosuke for being poor at competitive gameplay. I liked how I finished him on the second game though. We're down to our last, Iori (me) vs. Cammy. After chipping each other's life bar, I activated a stock and moved back. She jumps and I unleashed the pillars of purple flames right towards her. She was out on the open; she gets hit and gets burned in place as I finally made my move. Well, let's just say I had an extra stock in my hand. =3

I got to meet Urumi again and brought Shadow Puppets then talked a while. *laugh* My bag is filled with sketch pads~


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'nuff said