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I realized that I have quite some likings to the Hibikis I know so far. *laugh*

1. Ryoga Hibiki of Ranma 1/2
- Crazy misdirections plus cool moves, and he's got personality, whether introvertness towards the opposite sex or his plain badass-ness towards other guys. Also, I like his arsenal of weapons--it's much more hidden than Mousse's. xD

2. Hibiki Tokai of Vandread
- My favorite male lead in Vandread mainly because, there are only 4 known male characters in Vandread. *laugh* Anyway, it's funny how oblivious he is towards women's affection *coughDitacough* but I can't blame him for growing up in a masculine world.

3. Ran Hibiki of Rival Schools
- A camera, a paper fan, oh hell yeah! This is one "serious" journalist who could pack a punch--or rather slap you with with a bunch of magazines at random times. This is one fun gal if you ask me. Still, I just wonder how she chip off damage using a camera flash and all...

4. Dan Hibiki of Street Fighter
- Though I find the taunts funny, I like this guy mostly because his presence usually means a free win~ xD

5. Hibiki Takane of The Last Blade
- Here's my new "crush" for the moment. Honestly, Capcom's rendition of her in CvS is awesome. She's got a badass moveset, particularly her supers. Gawd, I just love it when she does the samurai poses as she slashes her opponents around. She also is the only character I seem to abuse normals so much as she pokes very well. Can't say much about her in the original Last Blade series though. I haven't played that yet. *poke*



  • At 11:04 AM , Blogger fred_itachi said...

    wow you quite know the hibiki people...xD btw i like Ran Hibiki *take a picture of kuros*

  • At 12:50 PM , Blogger Ueno said...

    Nya!! And I also made a character named Hibiki a long time ago too. xD I think I have it in my devART although the pic is old. o_O


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