Upbeat: Rising Tackle - Terry Bogard/Rock Howard, both of Garou fame
Rhythm: Umbrella - Rihanna

I have my thoughts and I'm not sure what to prioritize. I've been thinking of saving up for a scanner, a new computer, or a bunch of comics (although I'm pretty sure I'm gonna leave the comics to last place).

Speaking of a scanner, couldn't the guys in Netopia fix the way they scan images? Now Franklin's right shoe gets cut.

Also for today, I met a totally new stranger striving to defeat Vatsu in the Burning Batsu side of the Taiyou Storyline in PJ. He lost a lot of times although I did manage to get a few things out of him. Soon, I showed him what I can do playing the Seijyun Storyline and unlocking the Powered Akira side of the story. He's pretty impressed even though he once played it in Dreamcast. When we both left the arcade, he introduced himself and I did likewise.

It's rare that I actually get to know someone's name on our first meeting. Normally I'd learn them after hearing them from other people. I don't even introduce myself often as other people seem to learn my name one way or the other... o_O

Also, my fantasies are going overboard again.

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