A million times over and over again.

Upbeat: Shi o Osorenu Kokoro Nari - Hibiki Takane of The Last Blade
Rhythm: Speed of Sound - Coldplay

This is a little weird. Lance (a friend) could defeat my team which may or may not include Kyosuke. However, Arvin (Sta. Rosa) can defeat Lance at times. However, whenever I fight Arvin with Kyosuke, I almost always manage to beat him...

I was expecting Casingal to come and challenge me but he didn't show up. Instead, Jake challenged me again. Shotokans. I should have expected that. For some reason though, I never got the hang of using shotokans besides Ryo Sakazaki, and I'm still not good with him. Must be their fruit cake.

Terry (CPU): Power Wave, Burning Knuckle
Iori (Me): *blocks first hit* Asobi wa owari da!
Seriously, I'm beginning to understand most of the AI in CvS now.

Also, I still hate Shin Gouki/Akuma.

It looks like my "training" in CvS got carried over to KoF. It looks like I am now able to chain a normal into another, something I'm having a hard time to do in KoF 2003 (since they changed the buffering system in that game). I have to readjust myself to KoF's AI though Adel is still easy to beat using Ash and Mukai still falls for the Aragami chain when he's in the corner.


On a different note, it seems like the people whom I clash in forums all turn out to be female...still, seriously, they could have at least rephrased their posts. -_-

I tried Pirate King in Netopia yesterday. It was...well, still like RO, only making use of 3D sprites instead of 2D ones. Bad thing was, it's so damn laggy, I can't move properly. Must be Netopia. Sorry Liu but they don't have Granado Espada on their computers. Maybe when I visit you some time.

I am still not sure whether or not to go to the Eiga-sai next Saturday. I still have to check my schedule. As for a Wednesday, I can't since I have classes early in the morning. If I do, though, I could give Rika the ones I got from the US.

I am trying to change my artwork style so I've been meaning to borrow (Marvel) comics from our library lately. Ultimately, I always end up doing the same style I've been doing years ago. -_-

The Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM Twilight Town (Vexen's Death) cutscene dialogue is still stuck in my head. (I was bored so I wrote it down. Also, I believe this is the first time I ever introduced my other-other blog in LJ).

I'm still not doing my job in college properly. 'nuff said.

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