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I swear, Wikipedia would be the death of me...

Saturday: Ah darn. I forgot the payment again, and for some reason, he put these braces tighter than last I remember.
Saturday: I thought you (sis) were gonna lock yourself up all day and read Harry Potter?
Saturday: I miss their times INSIDE Hogwarts...
Saturday: WTF?! Stupid clock and battery.

Sunday: I have not complained about the 0900 sun before, not until now...
Sunday: I wonder if I could get our rats to cook for us...? Nah.
Sunday: Hmm. I don't seem to have movie indigestion today.
Sunday: BELLATRIX!!! Serves you right, b*tch!

Monday: Oh great. Central air conditioning's broke.
Monday: Gah! Why do we even have to take this when most of the questions repeat itself? A total utter waste of my time.
Monday: Ki-yo! It's like saying Dattebayo!
Monday: CvS is still broken and all these pros keep on killing me on the KoF machine! x.X
Monday: CPU's still hates me so I have to use this other computer instead.
Monday: Sorry (ANKi) but it's past midnight. I have to sleep now. I'll finish the episode sometime later.

Tuesday: Oh darn! I forgot to play Pokemon Silver and catch a Hoothoot last night.
Tuesday: Gah! This is why I hate being the leader. Everything just seems to be my fault. Now I have to rush again...
Tuesday: I soooo don't have initiative.
Tuesday: Well, it's about time I use Project Justice's sidestepping/dodging feature properly.
Tuesday: What the...I swear I saw the moon full last night. Where is it?
Tuesday: CPU's working again.
Tuesday: A few days of absences and my devWATCh is full again. Why am I not surprised...

Target: Custard Cake
Strategy: One-winged Angel: Advent Children Remix - The Black Mages

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Yay Liu for his 19th Birthday! Kuya ko siya ulit (he's my older brother once again)! Nyahahaha! I had fun at his place in spite of the only people I talked to were him, his brother, girlfriend and, when they came, Arred and Sean. I even watched Leroy and Stich on his house. Nyahahaha!

Some quotes during his stay:
I made you made me eat.
Ang lutong pakinggan eh. Narciso!
Aww! Ang kyut niyo naman. Ako rin!
(Sean) Ngayon, kakain tayo sa impyerno!


Target: Biboy's Birthday Cake
Strategy: Shi no Mori - Wolf's Rain



Meiio is back!

ANKi: Here's a bit of a joke
ANKi: Juriten Gakuen is contracted to Jugaku
ANKi: which sounds an awful lot like Jugoku
Ueno: ?
ANKi: Jugoku is the Japanese word for 'Hell'
Ueno: i thought that was Jigoku
ANKi: close enough :P
-Yesterday's YM conversation

I ish back! Well, actually, I wasn't really out long. It's just that internet wasn't working properly since yesterday afternoon. I got it to work this morning after mass (I love you system restore and Friday the 13th!) but it was not completely working either as I can't access some sites. Well, we gave the internet some rest and it worked now. Something's really up with our connection. I think it's due to the fact that the other computer is also connected to our router.

I think I have kind of a bad stomach too. My *cough* smells exceedingly worse than usual. I think it smells like rotten eggs (too much info). I should rethink my diet again as it probably could have been McDonald's or Jollibee's fault. Maybe I should stop eating there as well as saving up for Liu's upcoming birthday in July 21. I haven't even bought Genshiken 7 and my arnis sticks yet and it's already past midterms!

Target: DesCha Wiki
Strategy: Days - Yui Horie

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Paraskevidekatriaphilia! Lol

"Must have been a good joke."
-Fighter, 8-bit Theater

It'sh Praidey da Turteenth! Yay me! Lol! It's among the luckiest day for me since I acknowledged it when I was Grade 5. To add to that, I even rode on LRT-2's 13th Train Set and exited on the 13th ticket machine-thingy. Haha!

Aaaanyway, I got myself in the 5th place of my History midterms exam standings, and I'm the highest from all who went solo. xD The exam was originally for pairs. There was even a bonus question which I technically did not answer (I wrote down something irrelevant instead. xD). My professor even said it was a difficult exam. Yay for stock knowledge and essay improvisation~

More at teh arcade, I got to meet Urumi again after almost a month. I told her that there are actually very good and competitive players who hang around the CvS2 machine and I watch most of their games. I even try to copy their combos so I could try them out. I also showed her that I could unlock and play as Kusanagi (finally!). I only learned to unlock him yesterday when another player and friend showed it to me how. Whenever I see Kusanagi in the roster, it's bound to be him. xD

So now, my arcade standings are these:
  • Good at fighting and exploiting AI
  • Neutral at fighting somewhat "newbie" people
  • Bad at fighting other experienced people
  • Consistent top at Project Justice/Capcom vs. SNK 2 machines

My best characters:
  • KoF: Ash Crimson - against both players and computer
  • KoF: Kusanagi (Clone) - against computer besides bosses
  • KoF: Clark - surprisingly...against computer besides bosses
  • KoF: Kyo - against Mukai, lol!
  • KoF: Iori - against computer in general
  • PJ: Kyosuke - against both players and computer
  • PJ: Ran - against Demon Hyo (surpassed only by Kyosuke)
  • PJ: Zaki - against Arvin Sta. Rosa. Lol!!
  • CvS: Iori - against computer and some players
  • CvS: Terry - against computer and some players

Actually, I can beat Arvin with any other character if I want to. It's just that Zaki deserves her place because Arvin has yet to beat me using her (excluding mercy rounds). =P

Target: Shinkuu Nage - Geese/Rock Howard of Garou Fame
Strategy: Yasashi Yoake - See-Saw

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That state of being in between two things + term

"I am going to answer in the form of running."
-Red Mage, 8-bit Theater

Well the exams were surprisingly...answerable. Not really the midterms exam but the test for Math confused me a bit but at least I was able to answer most of it. I even got lots of time to try and capture Zapdos (which all ended in complete and utter failure so I have to wait till I can catch it again). Filipino was heavily loaded with multiple choice questions as well so that's fine, I guess.

Now for history, I got lots of writing to do. First was definition of terms (which is more like contrast and comparison instead), then a flow chart and finally an essay-type quiz. It was originally a tandem exam though I did solo (and solos get extra points~). I even "answered" the bonus question. xD

I got lots of work from DesCha Wiki lately. I even got to ask Creole if I could fill up her pages based on what I remember. Also, ANKi kept blurting out that there has been a MAJOR change in the DesCha plotline. Demmit, Ichi! What the hell did you do that changed the face of the (DesCha) universe forever?

And that subsequently made me do an episode which pushed the game towards Season 9.

...oh and I'm not telling who's after Ichidai for some kind of prize money he owes...

Target: Argentine Backbreaker - Clark of KoF Fame
Strategy: Song of Truth - Do as Infinity

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Am I on a roll?

"I guess so?"

The fact that I couldn't even move using the S-Groove means I have to really stop abusing the roll function. Even my Ratio-4 Iori can't even get past Stage 1 with the S-Groove, and he's my scariest character too! On the other hand, I FINALLY BEAT SHIN AKUMA! I'd like to thank the seasoned CvS players for allowing me to watch on how to abuse the throw command~

I lol'd at the One-man Army; Ratio-4 Raiden. xD

I also managed to discover a combo with Leona! Who knew crouching A's would connect after Earring Bomb: Heart Attack? ^_^

Upbeat: Earring Bomb: Heart Attack - Leona of KoF Fame
Rhythm: 13 Gatsu no Shukumei - Fence of Defence

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