Am I on a roll?

"I guess so?"

The fact that I couldn't even move using the S-Groove means I have to really stop abusing the roll function. Even my Ratio-4 Iori can't even get past Stage 1 with the S-Groove, and he's my scariest character too! On the other hand, I FINALLY BEAT SHIN AKUMA! I'd like to thank the seasoned CvS players for allowing me to watch on how to abuse the throw command~

I lol'd at the One-man Army; Ratio-4 Raiden. xD

I also managed to discover a combo with Leona! Who knew crouching A's would connect after Earring Bomb: Heart Attack? ^_^

Upbeat: Earring Bomb: Heart Attack - Leona of KoF Fame
Rhythm: 13 Gatsu no Shukumei - Fence of Defence

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