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I swear, Wikipedia would be the death of me...

Saturday: Ah darn. I forgot the payment again, and for some reason, he put these braces tighter than last I remember.
Saturday: I thought you (sis) were gonna lock yourself up all day and read Harry Potter?
Saturday: I miss their times INSIDE Hogwarts...
Saturday: WTF?! Stupid clock and battery.

Sunday: I have not complained about the 0900 sun before, not until now...
Sunday: I wonder if I could get our rats to cook for us...? Nah.
Sunday: Hmm. I don't seem to have movie indigestion today.
Sunday: BELLATRIX!!! Serves you right, b*tch!

Monday: Oh great. Central air conditioning's broke.
Monday: Gah! Why do we even have to take this when most of the questions repeat itself? A total utter waste of my time.
Monday: Ki-yo! It's like saying Dattebayo!
Monday: CvS is still broken and all these pros keep on killing me on the KoF machine! x.X
Monday: CPU's still hates me so I have to use this other computer instead.
Monday: Sorry (ANKi) but it's past midnight. I have to sleep now. I'll finish the episode sometime later.

Tuesday: Oh darn! I forgot to play Pokemon Silver and catch a Hoothoot last night.
Tuesday: Gah! This is why I hate being the leader. Everything just seems to be my fault. Now I have to rush again...
Tuesday: I soooo don't have initiative.
Tuesday: Well, it's about time I use Project Justice's sidestepping/dodging feature properly.
Tuesday: What the...I swear I saw the moon full last night. Where is it?
Tuesday: CPU's working again.
Tuesday: A few days of absences and my devWATCh is full again. Why am I not surprised...

Target: Custard Cake
Strategy: One-winged Angel: Advent Children Remix - The Black Mages

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