Meiio is back!

ANKi: Here's a bit of a joke
ANKi: Juriten Gakuen is contracted to Jugaku
ANKi: which sounds an awful lot like Jugoku
Ueno: ?
ANKi: Jugoku is the Japanese word for 'Hell'
Ueno: i thought that was Jigoku
ANKi: close enough :P
-Yesterday's YM conversation

I ish back! Well, actually, I wasn't really out long. It's just that internet wasn't working properly since yesterday afternoon. I got it to work this morning after mass (I love you system restore and Friday the 13th!) but it was not completely working either as I can't access some sites. Well, we gave the internet some rest and it worked now. Something's really up with our connection. I think it's due to the fact that the other computer is also connected to our router.

I think I have kind of a bad stomach too. My *cough* smells exceedingly worse than usual. I think it smells like rotten eggs (too much info). I should rethink my diet again as it probably could have been McDonald's or Jollibee's fault. Maybe I should stop eating there as well as saving up for Liu's upcoming birthday in July 21. I haven't even bought Genshiken 7 and my arnis sticks yet and it's already past midterms!

Target: DesCha Wiki
Strategy: Days - Yui Horie

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