That state of being in between two things + term

"I am going to answer in the form of running."
-Red Mage, 8-bit Theater

Well the exams were surprisingly...answerable. Not really the midterms exam but the test for Math confused me a bit but at least I was able to answer most of it. I even got lots of time to try and capture Zapdos (which all ended in complete and utter failure so I have to wait till I can catch it again). Filipino was heavily loaded with multiple choice questions as well so that's fine, I guess.

Now for history, I got lots of writing to do. First was definition of terms (which is more like contrast and comparison instead), then a flow chart and finally an essay-type quiz. It was originally a tandem exam though I did solo (and solos get extra points~). I even "answered" the bonus question. xD

I got lots of work from DesCha Wiki lately. I even got to ask Creole if I could fill up her pages based on what I remember. Also, ANKi kept blurting out that there has been a MAJOR change in the DesCha plotline. Demmit, Ichi! What the hell did you do that changed the face of the (DesCha) universe forever?

And that subsequently made me do an episode which pushed the game towards Season 9.

...oh and I'm not telling who's after Ichidai for some kind of prize money he owes...

Target: Argentine Backbreaker - Clark of KoF Fame
Strategy: Song of Truth - Do as Infinity

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