"...wala akong kwentang kapatid..."
(...I'm a worthless sibling...)
- Gon Sison

I felt lively today for some reason. I think it started when I decided to doodle Ueno Ayumu with a *stretches arms as far as I can reach* biiiiiiiiiig kite! Whee~ I should remake that. =3

Show and Tell!!

I also got to play around Kim Kaphwan and Ash Crimson very nicely today~ Kim Kaphwan spamming his supers~~and even Mukai falls for them!! xD And for Ash, I got to learn a new pressure move! Ventose (projectile) > sweep (crouch D) > Ventose > sweep > Ventose > sweep... Sometimes I even get to mix up a few more pokes too~ Plus I noticed I haven't abused Nivose (anti-air) lately.

For some reason, I get annoyed with MJ recently. I think its the way he talks, all the stuttering, random babblings and obvious statements he makes. Even Gon agrees which I even referenced to my quote above! xD

Target: Ayumu with BIIIIIIIIIIIIG Kite~
Strategy: Hounds - Wolf's Rain

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