Hot Chocolate, Chiffon Cake and Arroz Caldo

I'm still not fond of eating pineapples (the fruit. I can drink pineapple juice for some reason though) but I'm eating some slices anyway. The upside-down cake is good. I wonder if there's lemon chiffon cake and hot chocolate left though. It's a tasty treat for the rainy week. Arroz Caldo also seems to be my favorite food nowadays though I'd often look for roasted garlic since the last time we didn't have disappointed me greatly. One thing's for sure, there's not anymore grape juice to go with...stuff.

Got bored with lots of stuff recently. I'd play Pokémon Emerald again but I don't want to play it for too long. Last time I did that, I got sleepy, had a weird dream and my neck hurt...and that was this afternoon. I was so bored, I even went back to playing Sudoku and I didn't even get to solve yesterday's puzzle. Then again, I wasn't too concentrated that time. I even tried to watch Naruto again because I hate bit torrents and I can't seem to find any DMC episode that isn't a bit torrent.

So now, I'm downloading music. So, what's this? Helena by My Chemical Romance... *does an emo pose* Okay....

Oh and to Mike Wieringo, though I haven't touched any of his works in comic books and though I remember him as a Fantastic Four artist rather than for the Flash, may you rest in peace.

Target: Music
Strategy: Big Girl's Don't Cry - Fergie

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