Habirthday to my Dad and tomorrow, to my neighbor! Lol! Months of many more birthdays~~

Target: Cake!
Strategy: Alones - Aqua Timez




"Utang mo?" (The money you owe me?)
-Me asking for a gift from Biboy

Habirthday to me. Habirthday to me. Habirthday, habirthday~ Habirthday to me~ xD

I'm old. xDDD

We're gonna have pizza for dinner too~

I'm fat AND old. xDDDDD

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Worcestershire Sauce is my drug

Yis 'cuz I have this habit of putting lots of Worcestershire Sauce on my steak and rice~ Whoa! That's some steak~

Anyway, they finally got my internet working properly! Yey! Now all I have to do is to download my usual stuff again! I'm gonna get all my lost files back! GYAH! *battle aura commence*

Speaking of which, I've noticed quite a long while now but I do realize Adelheid is much more challenging than Mukai nowadays especially since I've seen Mukai's weakness against pokes. Why does Adel jump so high with a kick that rivals Iori's jumping D? @_@

Oh and Urumi, I just finished the game using your team again. xD

Another note, I seem to be getting better and better using Kyosuke in CvS. I guess all you need to make him a good character is by using him on every game you play including against players. Still not good against players though.

Oh yeah! I managed to capture Kyogre yesterday with its life still green and I didn't even use the Master Ball. It used rest then I just threw two Ultra Balls randomly and it got caught. xD I tried it on Rayquaza too. xDDD

Strategy: Le Chante Pour Passer Le Temps - Bleach

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Demn you!

I am annoyed by the fact that spyware seemingly controls my computer in order for me to have a working LAN and internet.

F*ck off spyware!! *curses*

Die ants, die!

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