Yay! The internet's back!!!


Now what? o_O



WTFBBQ doesn't really taste so well

Okaaaaay! That was just fucked up. Someone decided to steal our phone line cable...


Gawd, I hope you die.

In other news, I totally sucked at the ORALCOM presentation today. I got me a last minute memorization for "The Despair of Judas" and, well, I despaired. LMAO! But afterwards, I made a quick comeback and commented a lot of stuff. There was one guy (gay? lol) who was like, WTFWoohooo!! Haha! I swear he was funny. Now I wish he went before I did. =P

I did another last minute. This time, I typed an anecdote for my FILIP13. That went well, I hope. Not to mention, I'll be doing it again, a project this time to be submitted by Wednesday. Bwahahaha! Hurray cramming!


I swear, I hope that guy dies.

Target: The guy who stole our phone cable
Strategy: Really slow and painful torture

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Nostalgia again

Today was rather nostalgic.

Two weeks ago, I felt some nostalgia going around me as Biboy showed me the FFTA2 game trailer. The introduction was what made me so. The music was played with the piano and the narration was done with a boyish voice with love for adventure. It made me think back when I was a kid. A little later, I found a rather popular artwork in dA and it really got to me.

Now, however, I stumbled across this topic. After reading through the first page, it really got me. I've remembered most of them. I've remembered being scared to open and read even one of the Goosebumps book. The show Are You Afraid Of The Dark really creeped me out. I used to watch Rocko's Modern Life, avoided Ren and Stimpy, played Tag (if not Cops and Robbers) when I was at school, roleplayed Wheeler after watching Captain Planet...

If that wasn't enough, when I was going to the train for school, the jeepney started playing Bon Jovi's It's My Life and I couldn't help resist but sing along. After my classes as well. When I got to the train going to Rika house, I peered through the window and saw the malls I used to go after classes in my old school. It really brought lots of memories.

Lots of stuff really came to me. I miss the old. If only I could relive them again...

So what was I doing in Rika's house in the first place? Well, I got tempted. Khan invited me to go because it was their sembreak. I decided to cut class (my first one this trimester, BTW) and bought Coke though the latter was due to me needing change for getting there. We had a few conversations. I ended up watching a whacked vid of a Mario game. ROFLMAO!

I had to cut my visit short though. I still have classes tomorrow and a homework so, yeah.


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October 9, 2007

It's one of those days I learned to love. Rain and sunshine, both together in one day~ The rain didn't even stop until I reached my college from University Mall.

So my dad dragged almost the whole family to Shang for dinner. My sister's friend was gonna have a despedida there so instead of just her, why not take the rest of the family? The food was great too. I ordered Shrimp & Feta Cheeese pasta and it was great (I added some chili flakes too). The shrimps were too soft though. Prolly I shouldn't have let them stay under that pile of hot noodles.

After how many months I've had that Q Card, I've finally put my face on it. Too bad I wasn't able to get the bonus credits for my birthday though. Also, I saw Arred/ around. I asked him why he was there. *facepalm* I forgot he was working near there. ^^;;

Is it me or have I really gotten better with SNK games? I mean, I totally beat this somewhat experienced guy with nothing but random characters plus I am finally able to beat 3 to 4 stages in SvC: Chaos...

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What's the plural form of "Forum?" :\

"When all else fails, blame everything to Global Warming."
-Me, idea from Pugad Baboy

For some reason, I didn't fall asleep in the train today, either going to school or back home. No one to talk to either. Ah well~

COMGRAF is really starting to get interesting. Now I've learned how to use Adobe Photoshop's Pen Tool properly as well as a quicker way to separate linearts from the white background. Now I could color more properly thanks to that. I do have a few complaints though. Whenever I do a lineart, it looks sucky compared to whenever I draw them on paper. Probably, I should really use that Stimulate Pressure option, provided I got the pen tool paths right. Also, my eyes feel strained after a while in spite of being already used to being in front of the computer all day. Me thinks it's just the airconditioner.

So my partner in ORALCOM, I know since first year, plays at the arcade like I do. So after doing our easy presentation and explanation, we would talk to the point that we went as far as talking about our braces, my retainers and food even after dismissal. Lol! That was a fun conversation. It really was Oral Communication. xD

I've been really talkative in the forums lately. Boredom, 'nuff said. There was even one discussion that I almost wanted to shout. Good thing I managed to cool my head and explained a few more things. Turned out that it was all a misunderstanding and we managed to get to each others points after a few more replies.

Target: Forums
Strategy: Ice Place - The King of Fighters 2000

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I want to go~

"We have two Desktops. One is mine and it hates me. The feeling is mutual."
-Me, Vindicta

I'm feeling a little nostalgic recently all thanks to the Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire Trailer. *blames Biboy for this* Now I feel like I wanna turn back into a kid and run around and go on an adventure. Well, there are my original characters after all~

I learned new stuff at Photoshop today~ Yey! Now I can use the pen tool more easily now! That means, I could finally finish some linearts in the future! =3

And then I got bored and I went forum-hopping again.

I saw two more people on the train going home today. All three of us were wearing Ochre-ish shirts and blue jeans. Hehe~

Someone gave me a counterfeit 10-Peso coin for change (I gotta hand it to you, the arcade lady was a sharp one). Wasted money for nothing. Ah well. At least I have a new piece of metal I could hammer into oblivion.

I bought a new notebook and an ordinary ballpen after a long time. My felt-tip pen died on me for some reason and I just bought that the other week. Wasted money for that. Also, I bought CDs, ABNKKBSNPLAko, and a bunch of pencils and erasers last Saturday. All in all, I lost lots of money and I haven't even started on my daily food and travel expenses.

On another note, I got to download Winkawaks again, along with KoF 98, 99, and Garou~ For some reason though, I find the KoF games harder to play. Maybe I should go get a d-pad...

Target: Sketch Pad
Strategy: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire TGS'07 Trailer

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