Nostalgia again

Today was rather nostalgic.

Two weeks ago, I felt some nostalgia going around me as Biboy showed me the FFTA2 game trailer. The introduction was what made me so. The music was played with the piano and the narration was done with a boyish voice with love for adventure. It made me think back when I was a kid. A little later, I found a rather popular artwork in dA and it really got to me.

Now, however, I stumbled across this topic. After reading through the first page, it really got me. I've remembered most of them. I've remembered being scared to open and read even one of the Goosebumps book. The show Are You Afraid Of The Dark really creeped me out. I used to watch Rocko's Modern Life, avoided Ren and Stimpy, played Tag (if not Cops and Robbers) when I was at school, roleplayed Wheeler after watching Captain Planet...

If that wasn't enough, when I was going to the train for school, the jeepney started playing Bon Jovi's It's My Life and I couldn't help resist but sing along. After my classes as well. When I got to the train going to Rika house, I peered through the window and saw the malls I used to go after classes in my old school. It really brought lots of memories.

Lots of stuff really came to me. I miss the old. If only I could relive them again...

So what was I doing in Rika's house in the first place? Well, I got tempted. Khan invited me to go because it was their sembreak. I decided to cut class (my first one this trimester, BTW) and bought Coke though the latter was due to me needing change for getting there. We had a few conversations. I ended up watching a whacked vid of a Mario game. ROFLMAO!

I had to cut my visit short though. I still have classes tomorrow and a homework so, yeah.


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