October 9, 2007

It's one of those days I learned to love. Rain and sunshine, both together in one day~ The rain didn't even stop until I reached my college from University Mall.

So my dad dragged almost the whole family to Shang for dinner. My sister's friend was gonna have a despedida there so instead of just her, why not take the rest of the family? The food was great too. I ordered Shrimp & Feta Cheeese pasta and it was great (I added some chili flakes too). The shrimps were too soft though. Prolly I shouldn't have let them stay under that pile of hot noodles.

After how many months I've had that Q Card, I've finally put my face on it. Too bad I wasn't able to get the bonus credits for my birthday though. Also, I saw Arred/ around. I asked him why he was there. *facepalm* I forgot he was working near there. ^^;;

Is it me or have I really gotten better with SNK games? I mean, I totally beat this somewhat experienced guy with nothing but random characters plus I am finally able to beat 3 to 4 stages in SvC: Chaos...

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